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Caterham R500 Race car - Custom Build - 1/12

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Thanks Angus, for a look at the print.
A buddy of mine prints characters with the photon.
I'm always amazed what's possible with the printer.



Not perfect in terms of 3D drawing, but good enough for my use!

For me the perfect looks!

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Finished the wheels (or at least the main parts - need to add the air valves etc!)




Printing the tyres was a pain - teied different angles etc, sometimes they would 'sag' as they printed due to the number of supports - still learning all that!
Had a few flats!




But once done, and cleaned off - I primed and sprayed with Tamiya Rubber Black (or tyre black - can't remember) - I am going to print a mask to spray 'AVON' on the tyres.




I ended up using Alclad Chrome on the rims - but not to full 'shine' effect - just enough to glint a little bit. I did try the Spaz chrome you can see, but wasn't impressed - far more to do with prep. and not fiddling with the airbrush - alclad gave me a 'hint' of chrome over the top of the other..


















Nothing fixed or attached yet...




Lots of small bits next - mirrors, fog/reverse lights mainly...




Getting pretty close to assembling these parts to the cars and....finishing!!

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Nice work Angus! Once I have my workshop setup again I think the first thing on  my shopping list will be a 3D printer

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Right - back on it after a trip to France and marshaling at the British F1 GP!


I tried a bit of clear resin to make the rear fog and reverse lights - I'd made the casing already, so made the 'lens' to fit inside. I thought I'd try a few details inside in the lens to see if it showed when painted (with clear red) - it actually worked quite well! I used a bit of silver paint inside the lens to help, especially with the reverse light. I'll add some screw details later...








I had a back-up plan using some clear red reflectors cut up, but the printed clear worked well...




...although I did have some weird artifacting with some of the prints - I think what happened was that the first few layers stuck to the FEP film, not the plate - then it stuck, and then i was getting some refraction of the UVA light through the clear resin - no idea, but I managed to get a few pieces that worked for what I needed.










I needed to find a way to fit my wheels - the bolt holes did not quite line up - I think the file was scaled slightly over the years, but I wanted something stronger anyway...






Incidentally, the Tamiya kit is so well made that it even has the alternative suspension mounts that the 'real' car has - in this model the trailing arm (link arm?) is fitted in 'comfort' mode - the lower boss is for better handling. It is all to do with 'rear steer' on the de-dion tube, and this kit actually can be used to demonstrate the difference and why the 2 positions work - I'll make a video next time I make one...




So I drew up some 'spacers' (I wanted a slightly wider track) which included the rear bub bolt and the front bearing grease cap. These would mount on the existing wheel bolts, and fit snuggly into my new alloys.




I used my trusty metallic pens to colour these - quick and effective!














Needed to finish one of the cages...






...and some more decals.



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