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Hi all,


Firstly, thanks to all that followed along by WIP.


This was a fun build. Something a bit different for me as it's my first airliner build. I decided to do this as a Swiss Air aeroplane to give to my daughter as it was the first plane she flew in. As such, I wanted to portray it in-flight, not something I would normally do. I wasn't keen on the kit stand, so I used some clear acrylic sheet to make a new upright, and my dad made a wooden base for it. I think this sets it off so much better than the kit parts.


The kit went together well, with no real issues to speak of. I decided to paint the side windows and cover them with decals as there is nothing visible inside. The cockpit had minimal detail so I decided to leave this glass clear.












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On 24/04/2017 at 7:48 PM, Maximum warp said:

What a great looking plane mate, I love it! Fantastic job!


Thanks Erik ?

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Turned out beautifully Dallas, the work on the flaps are decals or painted? The model has really come to life once completed, a build like this tempts me to try an airplane (or atleast finish off my glider lol)


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Thanks. The grey and white are paint. The rest is all decals.


I've taken a few more photos today with a better background.








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