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Honda 2003 RC211V ‘Valencia’

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This bike got finished a while back, but I forgot to post updates. That’s for those that followed along with the WIP.


i had a little bit of trouble with one of the side panels not fitting quite flush. By the end, I was glad to have this one off the bench.


Here’s the final photos:






















And a final review video



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Thanks guys


21 hours ago, Kev The Modeller said:

Top stuff there mate, the tank decals looked a nightmare! 


They weren't actually that bad - I made a mistake when I first applied them as I positioned them wrong, but fortunately I realised in time to sort it out. 

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Great result! I esp like the chain, rotors, swingarm, and engine close ups... they really stand out as expertly done

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Great work Dallas! one hell of a paintjob, love the second picture of the cockpit!

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