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Weld Lines (Solder Wire)

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Weld Lines!


So I use a few different methods to create weld lines depending on the situation, I just thought I would go through one of my methods:


I use thin solder wire, in this particular example I am using the Model Factory Hiro 0.35mm 'piping metal wire' P/N: P-956:




First thing I do is cut the required length, then I use pliers that are flat without teeth to squeeze the solder wire and flatten it (sorry not the clearest of photos):



Once flattened I use CA glue to attach the weld line where I want it:



Then I use a metal tube with a 45degree cut on it to create indents in the shape of weld beads, in this case its a 0.6mm steel tube and I insert it into my pin vise:



Weld beads created, but usually it looks a little too rough so I use a wooden toothpick to press against the beads to blend and flatten themIMG_7840.JPG.3206fc2860a888f34a2a2029253c7bd6.JPG


And voila! The weld line is created:



Sorry the photos arent the best but if anyone has any questions please feel free to fire away with them :)



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Good job. Your idea for the welds is awesome, easier and more time saving than mine. Thanks for the tutorial.


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