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Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

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4 minutes ago, mueller said:

Very nicely built, the engine block I like it great.
discreet Washes with Panel Lines Tamyia?


Thanks, I use Windsor and Newton artist oils to make the washes.

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3 minutes ago, andrew59it said:

Hello received mine and noticed the engine would be satin black.... Are you making a different version?


Yes, a bit of artistic license. As there are so many being built now I’m trying to make mine a bit different.

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On 12/14/2018 at 7:30 AM, andrew59it said:

Received the S27 carbon fiber decals for this bike.... they seem really well done... no border and nice pattern....


I’ve got some S27 decals for my Alfa build, but found them a bit brittle. Maybe the R1M ones will be better. 

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Few photos of where I’m at with this.


Wheel was masked off to replicate a ‘rim sticker’ to make it a bit different to all the others being built. Lots of various PE washers used to finish it all off. Swing arm was painted with Alclad polished Aluminium and everything else was a range of Zero Paints. Scale Motorsport CF decals were used on the rear hugger, chain guides and front sprocket cover. All cleared with Zero paints 2k diamond.




T2M braided line was ran and pinned fown as per my reference photos



Rear disk was scuffed up to look used. An RB Motion banjo fitting finished the caliper off



Rear chain was painted silver, then a black oil wash applied and then the pins picked out with a fine brush and silver paint. 



Side stand was modified to not use any screws. Pin to push it down and the spring where both scratch built.




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I decided to modify the exhaust on this to get rid of the ugly cat underneath and then modified  the silencer at the back.



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Nice work Dallas, I really like how the exhaust has turned out, and as always your work is fantastic with so much added detail looking forward to seeing the end result buddy!!

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6 minutes ago, mueller said:

Again very nicely built and a well made video.
I hope there are still pictures with text.


Thanks @mueller - Yes photos below..


Kit forks were replaced with the ones from the detail up set. Makes a nice improvement to any bike having the fork set to go with it.







T2M nut was added on the left side. RB Motion banjo fitting was used along with some T2M braided line. I also ran some wire for the ABS sensor cable. Lots of PE bolt heads were used as well



Top studio turned meta bolts were used for the mudguard fittings.



I drilled out the bar ends and fitted a PE bolt head in there as well



Clutch and brake levers were modified and painted to look loke aftermarket options. Again, lots of PE bolt heads and turned metal parts used






Top Studio air valve painted to look like an anodised cap was fitted



Lastly, I replaced the spring in the side stand to make it look more in scale



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