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Well, I gonna play 🥌 now...



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So its finished! Total build time was 3 months at a very chilled out pace. This build was my entry into the Facebook group Model Factory Hiro Builds build competition and I am pleased to report that it won first place :)

I hope you have all enjoyed this WIP, there wasn't too many problems that I encountered along the way. The key to making a good MFH build is to double or even triple check all your fitment of parts and line everything up before using any paint or adhesives, I think the natural tendency for everyone is to open the kit and just start building but careful planning will help you to build one of these kits to a very high standard! My main gripe with this kit was the electroplated parts for the suspension arms at the rear end, they were difficult to work on and especially to drill them and due to the nature of their chrome finish you were not able to sand the parts smooth etc. The other main issue with this kit is the accuracy of the wheels and tyres, totally wrong in my opinion and even on MFH's 1/12 Lotus 49 you can see the differences in the wheels/tyres are huge.

Here is the link to the final pics: Lotus 49 Final Photos

As usual here are some pointers for anyone looking to do this kit in the future
- If you want to maintain accuracy I would suggest that you transplant the Ebbro 1/20 Lotus 49 wheel set on to this, there are some minor modifications that would need to be done but nothing too difficult.
- Make sure your mock ups include checking the ride height, I compressed my front suspension so it sits lower but if I kept it stock then the car would have reverse rake (nose high rear end low) when viewed from the side.
- The steering wheel is not accurately done, you could either use the part from the Ebbro kit or you can scratchbuild a centre horn section to get it looking correct
- I would suggest you use stainless steel/aluminum pipes instead of the kit supplied white metal pipes for the side pipes that run along the length of the car.
- I used masking templates for the front nose rather than the decals, I would advise anyone reading this to do the same if you want a decent result, these decals are stiff and do not conform well at all, not to mention that if you do get the decal to sit nicely you will still have folds at the front end where the nose pinches. If you cannot get masking templates you can make your own by photocopying the decalsheet and using the outline for your masks.

- The windscreen is probably the most nerve wracking and important part of the build, if you mess it up it will be instantly noticeable when viewed so take your time and cut it small parts at a time. As for bonding it I used extremely thin double sided tape but you can also use clear parts adhesives as well.


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