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Star Wars Battle Droid and STAP

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This thing is huge, way bigger than I thought when I ordered it.


AMT meant it to be built like this:......... 




............ but I think that looks awkward so I modified mine to give a more motorcycle look.


Up to the very last minute, when I applied some 'artist's dull coat varnish' I had great fun with my first serious attempt at weathering. It darkened everything and put a sheen on it, taking away most of the 'rust' effect.


Imagine if you will......, 'In a galaxy far, far away' (LOL) ......the Federation has been at war with the Republic for over a millenia and is running dangerously low on resources. So low in fact they have been deploying centuries old and de-commisioned, rusty old droids such as this old battle hardened master sergeant.


I gave him a cigar to make him a bit of character.













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Thanks guys.


Our intrepid 'droid, did eventually make sergeant but failed his master sergeant's test!



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