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    Good evening, Few progress on the Red Roaring Beauty! Riveting the bathtub and the bulkhead is now done. The wooden shifter knob is clear coated and test fitting is mandatory for the engine/cockpit/body subassembly. Nothing more for today. More soon Pascal
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    Good evening Mates, Thank you Martin. No, nothing regarding the weld seams but Ican try to explain how I proceed in a next post... Tanks and tubes installed on the roll bar with serflex & Ty-Raps: Wires ready and waiting for the battery: Started to work on the coils: More quickly. Pascal
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    Hi Mates, Still progressing on the Bella Macchina Rossa! More soon. Pascal
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    Few photos of where I’m at with this. Wheel was masked off to replicate a ‘rim sticker’ to make it a bit different to all the others being built. Lots of various PE washers used to finish it all off. Swing arm was painted with Alclad polished Aluminium and everything else was a range of Zero Paints. Scale Motorsport CF decals were used on the rear hugger, chain guides and front sprocket cover. All cleared with Zero paints 2k diamond. T2M braided line was ran and pinned fown as per my reference photos Rear disk was scuffed up to look used. An RB Motion banjo fitting finished the caliper off Rear chain was painted silver, then a black oil wash applied and then the pins picked out with a fine brush and silver paint. Side stand was modified to not use any screws. Pin to push it down and the spring where both scratch built.
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    Received the S27 carbon fiber decals for this bike.... they seem really well done... no border and nice pattern....
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    Oh Pascal, great work with many highlights ! The steering wheel looks even better in the picture. And your wood Gear knob is perfectly taken.
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    I like the work on the gearknob, I assume it was hand painted with a clearcoat over the top? Your front end brake and clutch lines look superb too!
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    Haha Lotus 49 also ordered by me! Im tempted by the Ferrari 312T as well
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    Oh yes Pascal, the announced Daytona Spider is really seductive. And you're right, MFH has so many great models. Only limited by the purse. What do I buy first ...let's throw the dice. And have fun with your Lotus!
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    Hi Mates, Thank you very much! @imster: Hi Boss, the Black used is the semi gloss black from ZP over a coat of Gravity primer. The whole steering wheel was painted with it, then treated with oils (w&N white, Sennelier Gris de Payne and Rembrandt Gris Froid).ZP demi gloss Black is very good, but the best of all is still the Humbrol 85 for me @mueller: Yes, we talk about it for few days... a 312B would have been ... a dream! I LOOOOOVE the Daytona! But this is also an open door to other beauties I need! M7A, M19, Lotus 38, 43, MS80... Pffff!... Sigh!... Pascal, the Bad Bad Boy who already ordered a Type 49!
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    Again very fin and detailed progress from you Pascal . I do not know if you have already noticed. MFH only has the licenses until the end of the year.
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    Great job Pascal as always you are an inspiration to us all, your turned dials are a huge imporvement over the kit, and the completed dash looks fantastic! The seats looks superb, what colour did you paint them? And of course I love that sterring wheel
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    I think it may be 'unconfirmed'? Or 'assists' - not 100% sure... So looked much better in matt... ...so it was on to some weathering. I've only ever done one other, so I am sticking to what I know at this point - so the end result will be a 'used' Spitfire - as opposed to a polished-to-perfection version! I am very aware that half the skill during this next stage is knowing when to stop... I'm missing my Tamiya Panel Gap wash (waaaay too dangerous for the UK apparently!) which worked very well, so it is straight to the oils.... ...always a bit scary this bit... ...and then wipe off, hopefully leaving some detail behind! I wipe in the 'direction' of the airflow. The molded rivets did not hold much black - but I think it turned out ok. I pretty quickly started on adding localised detail, in the form of stains, smoke trails, exhaust etc...again using oils. I dotted oil on and brushed with a 'dry' brush. Used a mix of black and some burnt umber. You can see I have added some more parts - the light behind the cockpit, and the aerial mast. I added the cockpit canopy - fitted surprisingly well, and the sliding bit...slides! At this point I also glued the prop on, and the airspeed tube on the underside of the wing (if that is what it is) - I also added an aerial wire - I AM AWARE THIS MAY NOT BE PERIOD/CORRECT - but it is a nice detail - I was showing my 'customer/mate' a little later yesterday, so I wanted all the fine stuff on - I'll probably take the wire back off again though... I used Tamiya flat clear sprayed from the can between various layers of oil etc - otherwise finger marks will show. The only main parts missing on these final photos are the exhausts - although I have added the exhaust staining. So very almost there! Just got to figure out how to mount it (in flight) but I do want to show it 'banking' as opposed to in level flight. For such a much-maligned kit, I'm pretty chuffed with the end result...when it is 100% finished, I want to take some proper pictures of it - it is big though! I may even try some taken at the old WW2 airfield that is a few miles away - Harrowbeer, Yelverton.
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    Thanks Mueller Brass buts are from RBMotion. Pascal
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    Very nice details Pascal, the ignition coil looks really great. Are the nuts on the coil dummys?
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    Very nice work Pascal. The engine looks amazing with the wash. You have a good eye for details. Keep it up. Is there a tutorial on the welds? They look original. 1A. Martin
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    Thanks for the praises imster. Glad you like it😀
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    You should be very proud of this! Its an amazing build and I really also like your photography too
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    I really enjoyed reading this WIP, your solution to the yellow light looks great and your skills with producing parts makes this build just that much more better, I also appreciate how you went through the mistakes that were made, great reference for others who wish to build this kit and try to create similar to what you have made
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    Hy Guys Well, the Wip is coming to an end . The shown Kawasaki was driven by a French team. And in Racers was a picture on which was a headlight yellow, rather just the lamp not the reflector. I wanted to try that. Thanks for watching and commenting, the next pictures in the gallery.
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    Right - shrank the chair! Pretty crude - but as I said, won't be seen AT ALL - and i want to finish this model! I've added a bit of 'padding' - (and obviously painted too early!) The filler inside is where the pilot part goes - I painted my 'fake' cockpit details.... ...and painted the instrument panel - I managed to get some white onto the clear parts, which have the dials cast in - when assembled with a black background, these actually look ok! (no decals) A test fit shows how little of any of this you will actually be able to see!! Especially with Ginger in position! Going to have to cheat Gingers physical appearance a bit to make him hold everything properly... I've also started removing his molded-in harness so I can use the Eduard detail parts I bought - at least the top straps that thread through the bulkhead to attach behind the seat...
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    Go on ? take a small leap forward
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    Hi Welded Frame 1/2 I forgot to stuff holes .....that will take revenge. rear-wheel swing disc brake Fork Spring Preload Adjustment Front Fork Until next time