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    Thanks! I will install the painted/clear coated rivets after the body 2K finish coat.😉 Just for fun DFV Cosworth piston and rod. Voilà. Pascal 🤗
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    Bringing it up to date now, I got the chassis and engine bay complete. Rear subframe detail painted and attached. You can just see the air ducts from the S27 set tucked in there Front end also had some air ducts. I opted to use SMS cf decal for the undertray and applied an oil wash over the silver part to break up what would otherwise be a boring silver panel Overall view of the chassis. MFH heat shield material was used in the central tunnel Onto the brakes. Studio 27 provide some really nicely cast white metal centre parts. These were fitted with their PE disk faces and the white metal calipers. They also provide a spring and upright for the shocks so these replaced the moulded kit parts Onto the engine bay. S27 CF decals are heavily used in this area. A mix of gloss and matt clears were used to replicate the real car. I've also made a start on adding some extra wires and details in here Air box cover added. More CF decals and HD mesh Having looked at a number of reference photos, there are a number of electrical cables noticeable by their absence in the kit. After a bit of thought, I decided to add these, both under the airbox and along the side of the air hose in the photos above Final shot shows some really nice PC cable ties from @Scalelabmodels which finish off the engine bay nicely. I chose to use blacken-it on these, rather than paint, but it's apparent in the photos they need a bit more attention. This will be rectified for the next update.
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    Thanks Imster. Appreciate it 👍 Thanks Kev. Check out hobbyeasy.com. They have them in stock at a reasonable price.
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    Thanks guys. The car in american graffiti is a 32 ford coupe
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    Class built and beautifully painted! The Pearl White looks much better than pure white.
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