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    I finally finished this motorcycle. I used some top studio 27 details, connections, electrical connectors, chain set, and some other details. Hope you like it!
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    Ever since I built the original Tamiya Yamaha R1 about 10 years ago I’ve been hopijg they would release a new model. Earlier this year thst finally happened, with the new R1M being announced in May 2018 at a show in Japan. As soon as it showed up on retail sites I had my pre-order in. Finally it arrived this week, so I got stuck straight in!
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    Just flicking through Facebook and came across it his:
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    Ordered mine today at Hobby Easy....😀
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    Don't understand why tamiya place the tube connection to the brake oil reservoir in the upper section (where there is no oil) instead of in the lower section....
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    Bellissima. Hai fatto un lavoro bellissimo compliments.
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    Thank you for your congratulations. I hope I have not exaggerated with the photos. Perhaps there are also some doubles. Unfortunately, there is little time for modeling between work and family. Consider then that from May to September I close my modeling workshop ... too hot. In any case, to do this Alfa Romeo Pocher I have spent more than 3 years. I have used several up-grade all purchased from MODEL MOTORCARS. Online shop specialists in Pocher. On their site you can see many other masterpieces also much more beautiful than my alfa romeo. But also other self-made products: the dashboard in aluminum the brake discs, the seat covered in leather, the fixing of the side wheel and others in the engine I also own several other Pocher kits, but all of them still to be assembled, except for the FIAT F2 that I still lack pieces to complete the wheel rims I wanted to redone in real wood. But I'm also passionate about F1 cars. I own almost all the Tamiya 1/12 kits, some even double. also different Kit Tamiya in 1/20. Currently I'm finishing the Honda RA 273. I miss it a little, maybe I will post some photos in progress. For the mclaren mp4 / 6 I bought the Super Detail-up Set of the top studio. For the Ferrari F641 / 2 I'm about to buy The complete Formula Complete set by Thunder valley. For the Wiliams FW14B I already have the complete Formula Complete set of Thunder valley ..... I would love to have isl side pod of RB motions ... we have already felt about this. I also built some 1/24 kits. I will post the photos later. I'm sorry for my english. I used the google translator. Hello
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    I'm speechless! That is a true work of art my friend!!!! How long did it take to build and what additions did you add to it?
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    Thank you so much guys. I used the bright black, stainless steel, clear brown, clear yellow and clear black to make this effect. All the paints I used were from Drycolors (a brazilian company). But in order not to be so obvious the mask at the joints, I removed the mask at the end of the painting of the exhaust, and I painted again with clear brown, clear yellow and clear black. Is that clear? If you have any questions, just ask what I can try to explain better.
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    I also uploaded an unboxing video to YouTube for those that are interested.
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    yes really i like too :) Well, the kit is already getting old, but you still have a lot of craftsmanship and plenty of room to improve.
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    Zero paint dedicate set
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    I've just uploaded some photos in the Completed Section Here for those that want to have a look. I'll just leave this photo here as a teaser:
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    Once all the prep work was done, the parts were all painted up and fitted to the chassis.