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    Here is my finished Revell 67 Corvette. Built box stock apart from the wheels from the Revell 32 ford. painted Tamiya Titanium gold over silver with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking. Lee
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    Thanks Mates . So now a little update. The Resin parts I think so far consistently convincing! The cast structure fits too.
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    Thanks @mueller. I’d had a few requests for a video like this and something I’ve wanted to do for a while, so a perfect opportunity to combine the two.
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    This last update should bring me up to date - I decided to do a video for doing the carbon body, as I'd had a few requests for this:
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    Thought I might document my build of two Tamiya AMG GT3s. Both will be built using Hobby Design detail sets and after market decals as well as resin headlights that bring the cars up to date. One will be buit in the EVA livery and the second in Hello Kitty. So far I have started by getting the bodies together and working on the front brakes. The HD set adds quite a bit to the models. While somewhat intimidating, I really enjoyed adding all the detail to me 1199 so I am looking forward to it.
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    Puhhh finished after 4 years and fortunately, at the end everything worked out pretty well. Have fun watching. Pictures under CC-0
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    WIP can be found here: WIP Lotus 49 Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion as well as the RB Motion DFV cam cover bolt set Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, and MFH kit tubing Paint: Alclad Metalizers Alclad Grey Primer Tamiya TS-43, Tamiya TS-16 and Zero Paints 2K Clear
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    That looks brilliant Imster. Lee
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    Some fantastic work @Fazer1006 Love that Norton so much!
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    Hi Guys, recently joined up the forum...likeing what I see... Bikes & figures are my 'go to' modelling but will try anything which takes my fancy! heres a couple of my Bikes to start...
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    Thanks fellas! I entered it into a competition here and it won its class and best overall automotive so I cant compain
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    Here is my version of the Tamiya CB750 custom tuned. So far i have fitted the forks, wheels and brakes from the Ducati 888 superbike and braced the swingarm and made the exhaust into two megaphone exhausts. I have also modified the clocks so i could keep the tacho. I modified some aluminium belmouths for a F1 race car to fit the carbs. Thanks for looking Lee
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    Absolutely stunning mateπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    Thanks imster its all completed and in the finished section. Lee
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    Nice work. Certainly something different. I was watching the build progress, although I was quiet for the most part.
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    Damn, thats looks fine! some engineering skills you have there Karl, Cannot wait to see the finished bike in all its glory! Mark D
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    That Yammy looks great πŸ‘ Very similar style to the CB400 I've currently got parked.
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    I scored this recently on ebay for a good price. I was going to use it for another project but when i opened it i decided to build it. i am going to build it box stock apart from the wheels i am using the wheels from a revell 32 ford that have been dechromed. So far i have painted the chassis and suspension and painted the wheels. her are a few photos and a mock up of what it will look like. Thanks for looking Lee
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    not really. I have painted it mat black Meuller. Here are a few photos of the painted body, it s Tamiya Titanium gold over silver with Tamiya clear. I am letting it harden for a few dyas and then i will be foiling the window frames and polishing. Thanks for looking Lee
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    Thank you Imster I've already brought special Resinprimer. So little update. The tiny Resin Allen screws are not easy to use. Glueing I do with Aquagloss.
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    Update!!! I was in a little bit of a rush when doing the photos due to the competition deadline, so the photos were way too vivid and bright. I managed to find some time to take some new photos that are a much better representation of the actual car
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    Thanks to everyone that was following the WIP on this one. Here are the photos after final assembly. Build from the 1:24 Tamiya kit, using the Tamiya decals. For the post part they behaved better than I expected, although there were a few tears along the way. Plenty of Microsol to try and get them to behave. I used a bit of carbon fibre decals on this. On the outside, the only obvious point for this are the wing mirrors. I also used the Hobby Design detail set. This was a pretty great set with some fantastic detail in it. The bonnet pins and catches, along with the rivets and Wipers were all part of this set. The only problem with the set that I came across was the two front bonnet catches were not long enough, so I had to improvise and they are actually connected in the wrong place. The other, noticeable problem was two of the brake disk rotors where going the wrong way, so there were 4 identical, rather than 2 for each side. Once the wheels are on though, these are less noticeable. With the spot lights on, I think the front catches are less noticeable as well. The spotlights are fitted on with Neodymium magnets which are hidden on the inside of the bodywork. This allows for them to be removed and not have visible holes or fixing points where they would have been. I used a combination of BMF and Alclad II chrome for the lights to give them a reflective look. I finished it off with a T2M antenna on the roof. Without the spot lights With the spot lights - I think these give it a more menacing look personally. A few close up photos to show off some of the details.
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    Interior is all finished now. About 50 hours in this to get it to this stage. Using the Hobby Design set to give it most of the details, I scratch built the door panels, added some wires and heat shrink to the roll cage and Scale Motorsport carbon Kevlar decals. Then added some microballoons to the seat fronts and steering wheel to give them some texture.
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