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    I've just uploaded some photos in the Completed Section Here for those that want to have a look. I'll just leave this photo here as a teaser:
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    Hi everyone this is my first build post on the forum. i started this a couple of weeks ago I am using studio 27 carbon decals, PE sheet and top studio shock absorbers and electrical and plumbing fittings. i am going to try and super detail this kit. Warning photo over load. thanks for looking any tips welcome as I've seen some stunning builds here and I hope to learn a lot from other members.
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    This is about a 150 hour build I completed in November 2017. I loved every aspect of this build including the challenges it presented. This is an amazing kit. I built it out of the box except the addition of braided lines from pro tech and electrical wiring. Paint is Gravity Colors Gulf blue and orange with Concept Clear coat. Any questions ask away! Dave T
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    Another Ducati finished, this time a Panigale in the 2013 SBK version, Chaz Davis pilot, Tamiya kit with CGM Modulo transkit, Top Studio detail set and Top Studio broadcast chains as well. Sandro
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    WIP can be found here: Lotus Type 78 Detail Up Sets Used: Studio 27 Detail Up Set EJan DFV Funnel and Distributor Set MFH Air Funnel Mesh Decals: Tamiya Kit Decals (for the various warning signs and detail parts) Tabu Decals (for the biscuit coloured lines and JPS logos) Indycals Decals (for other various parts) Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, and Tamiya Kit Tubing Paint: Alclad Metalizers Tamiya Semi Gloss Black TS-29 Decanted (Engine, Suspension, Chassis and all Body Parts) Alclad Grey Primer Gravity Colors 2K Clear
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    Thanks for those following the WIP. Built from the 1:12 Hasegawa kit and the Top Studio detail set. A lot of pain doing the wiring, but got there in the end. Painted mostly with Zero paints and a few Alclad 'Hot Metal' paints on the exhaust. From pretty early on, the plan was to display it without the fairing, as otherwise too much detail would be lost. A last minute effort created a basic stand to hold the fairings for displaying them next to the bike.
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    One more finished, despite the problems of the transkit, the result was satisfactory. I'll put more photos in the completed work sector.
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    Kev, I have some Fujimi ones. You are welcome to a set. Pm me your addi if you would like some. I actu
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    Hi Guys The second Honda VFR750 build completed to compliment the previous Rumi bike. An exercise for me to make racebikes from the Tamiya road going RC30. This one depicts the 1993 TT F1 winning machine of Nick Jefferies. This one was a battle and put up a good fight, a few details to finish but this is going in the cabinet for now. Although I used the kit wheels the modifications included the whole front end from a Ducati 916 for the inverted forks and duel endurance fuel filler and scratchbuilt end can which is longer than standard. Custom decals and incorporating the Hobby Design detail set for chain and engine detail. As with the previous build the standard fairing has headlight opening filled. Thx for looking Doc
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    Built this a long time ago.
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    Nice to see it coming together, a little paint does wonders. Does it all fit a bit?
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    Magnets...... thats @fortyfourpm favourite subject!
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    Hi and welcome Dan, great build mate it would pass as the real thing! I'm not a big fan of off road bikes but that doesn't matter you've done an amazing job mate very well done.
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    Sorry Imster - I don't do social media - Life is too short for that crap I found the correct link for him by using "google" Thank you though I do appreciate the help attempt. I was looking for someone that had made parts of the kit - I found the wheels on "Shapeways" but am still looking for the tank and exhaust parts as they are different. If CGM does a 2017- 2018 Panigale kit then I might just get one of them - I was looking to do a "Melandri" Panigale or maybe a "Davies" version. The CGM kits are pricey for what you get in the box - compared to say K's Workshop. I have 2 Panigale kits that I will build once I have all the bits for them - I also have 2 of the Hobby Design super detail kits for the builds and 2 of the Top Studio kits Cheers Imi and again I appreciate your offer to help me. John
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    On the Facebookgroup: Scale models and figurines we have a groupbuild tv/movie vehicles build, this is my build. Content of the box. First steps, bottom, front suspention and engine. In the cockpit i put some extra's, the mesh, white styreen and the tube's The bodyparts painted in Zero-Paints color Tamiya X10. Mask the windshield and painted the engine and the sides. Car assamble. To do, install the rear wings, tint the windschield and paint some nuts and bolds. Big opening post, but we nearly there!! Thanks for watching.
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    I like the color, and the build looks great!
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    As the others have said, this is a great result, especially due to the issues you faced with it.
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    Thanks. Nope, just forgot ? oh well, maybe next time ?
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    Wow! What a fantastic build, clean and crisp. I really dig it. Two thumbs up on this one.
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    So the mocking up and alignment was all sorted out, everything was lined up and even between the left and right rear sections. I then glued the suspension arms into place, a very nerve wracking job which took the patience of a saint to complete! Once the suspension arms were in place and the glue set I proceeded to attach the driveshaft, anti roll bar and the suspension. When I mocked up the suspension there was a gap where the spring was too short (you can see it in some of the photos in my previous update) so I used some 0.6mm wire and coiled it and added it to the bottom of the suspension, here you can see the suspension attached For the anti-roll bar I scratch built pretty much all of the connecting rods, the Tamiya kit version has the anti-roll bar in the wrong spot (sitting at the bottom of the suspension) and the Studio27 set looks large and out of scale so the only option was to scratch build. Here are pics of the completed rear end, I am waiting for some parts before I can fit the final tail section which includes the rear light as well as some plumbing and rear wing brackets. I still need to aply a wash to some of the rear sections like the anit-roll bar and the suspension. Next up will be building the cockpit! More headaches to come I think!
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    I just love these 70s cars of the DFV era, lovely build mate.
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    Progress photos for where it’s currently at. Now sat on its own two wheels.
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    Just thought I would share with you all progress so far of my Hasegawa lancia 037... 1st up Id like to appologise as this build will mostly be done by hairy stick as my modelling funds are tight this year what with a holiday in june and getting married in november!!! 1St up i hairy sticked the inside of the driver cockpit with tamiya silver leaf and a 1st for me I added some pe in their... Next up I painted and decal led the dashboard...and steering wheel added... Next up I painted the seats and decalled them up... Then into the cockpit they went... Next up the gearbox assembly... Next up i assembled the roll cage and fitted it with the dashboard... That's it for this installment...will upload some more pics in a few hours!!! Thanks Ade
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    Hi all, I've embarked on a brave new journey into F1 building, the 1/12 Tamiya MP4/6.. I'm a few hours into it now and have seen a few fit issues, primarily the TopStudio heads (like most resin parts) are a little distorted resulting in a sliver of light showing when viewed from the side. I can imagine the compression loss. So it will be slightly modified for a perfect fit I've added the TopStudio Engine set, Cooling/ECU set, Cockpit set, Axles, Intake, Antenna and Brake sets. Still waiting for the front Bulkhead/Suspension set to arrive. Each major set has hundreds of parts, beautifully made. Instructions not even close to synchronized with the Tamiya instructions as usual, so Lots of page flipping and fit-checking here. I'll begin the wiring next, Enjoy the pics! CnC welcome! Marco
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    I had a disaster with the final coats of paint on the body, I was painting the black headlamp recesses and my masking job was terrible and ruined all that hard work!!! so the paint has been stripped!!! So this is where the build has reached, I have to order replacement decals which may take a while then I will get back on this build and finish it off! The side pod was completed with CF decals and a coat of 2K clear applied: After that, decals were applied to the side pods and another couple of coats of 2K clear applied, then I put it together and began connecting all the wiring and plumbing in the engine bay. The "catch bucket" was made to look a little dirty as I never saw a single picture with it looking clean and pristine. Brake cooling scoops and the front and rear hub assemblies were next, and then it all has pretty much come together barring the bodyshell: I am really pleased with how the brake detail between the spokes has come out: And a few close up shots of the engine bay and wiring (here you can see all the mistakes lol): So thats gonna be it for a while until I get the new decals and also the motivation to mask up the body again!! Hope you all have enjoyed this write up, I didnt go into huge details of every step mainly because I always forget to take pics (maybe I'm lazy lol) either way if you have any questions about the build etc just fire away and Ill try my best to help