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    I finally finished this motorcycle. I used some top studio 27 details, connections, electrical connectors, chain set, and some other details. Hope you like it!
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    Good evening Modelers, I worked a bit on the small metal tanks and others parts that need to be cleaned and polished. Fuel filter/distributor and water expansion tank. I also made a quick test of the pedals on the front bulkhead. Pascal
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    Next update brings us up to date as I get the engine and rear suspension mounted into the frame. So far, nothing untoward as you would expect with a modern Tamiya kit. I decided to re-work the rear brake lines to incorporate the ABS system that these bikes have. I started out with making a mount from sheet styrene then used some spare wire I had and some braided line. I fitted a couple of PE hex nuts to the wire to simulate the fixing points and finished it off with an RB Motion banjo fitting on top of the master cylinder. SMS carbon fibre decal was placed over the rear undertray and the cleared with Zero 2k diamond clear followed by sanding flat and machine polishing. Another video is also online for this stage:
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    Ever since I built the original Tamiya Yamaha R1 about 10 years ago I’ve been hopijg they would release a new model. Earlier this year thst finally happened, with the new R1M being announced in May 2018 at a show in Japan. As soon as it showed up on retail sites I had my pre-order in. Finally it arrived this week, so I got stuck straight in!
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    Hi Mates, it’s been a long time since my last post... A new Formula 1, from 1967 (Greaaaat year!) Here are few pics of the engine. https://i.servimg.com/u/f62/12/38/43/52/dsc02314.jpg[/img] More soon. Pascal
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    Good evening Mates, Thank you Martin. No, nothing regarding the weld seams but Ican try to explain how I proceed in a next post... Tanks and tubes installed on the roll bar with serflex & Ty-Raps: Wires ready and waiting for the battery: Started to work on the coils: More quickly. Pascal
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    Hi guys Here are some pictures of the finished Kawasaki. Spring on the exhaust has been redone again. Oil pressure hose I have staged by Elastic Cord, you do not see in the Wip. The Cabel Tensioner are homemade and I forgot to paint. Balancing weights on the handlebars are turned parts . Until the next Time ......
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    Hi Mates, Still progressing on the Bella Macchina Rossa! More soon. Pascal
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    This is the Tamiya kit with a fantasy Momo livery. I used 2 or 3 decal sheets to finish up the graphics. For the 'cf' parts I sprayed them with metallic black then flat clear to replicate dry carbon.
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    Just joined up, I've been working on this. I thought the bike looked cool naked, so here's a pic of it before I paint and add the fairings. Pretty much just box stock, although I did add a front fork set to it.
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    Progress is being made slowly after a break for a bit. Engine and gearbox are now mated together which makes the gearbox in it’s mount feel a lot more stable. My RB Motion plug boots arrived as well so I was able to get the leads installed.
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    Next job was to work on the roll cage, gearshift and seats. The roll cage was mocked up, as you can see in the photos it consists of 7 seperate pieces which didnt fit too well, lots of filing and adjusting was needed for it all to fit nicely Once all the adjustments were made I soldered all 7 pieces together ready for paint and installation: Also I forgot to take 'before' photos of the gearshift, so this photo is the only clear photo I have of the gearshift as it looks in kit form, pretty basic and not up to my standards I turned the actual knob section on my lathe and carefully drilled out the sections where the detail was lacking and added some bolts as per my reference. Next task was the seats, I wanted to create some texture on the seats but to still keep a little bit of sheen as the seats werent alcantra but looked like leather, I used microballoons mixed with my primer to get some texture, but it looked like the texture was a little too rough so I rubbed it down to smmothen it a bit, then I painted over the top with TS-29 Semi Gloss Black I also had to add holes for the seatbelts on the drivers seat, I was baffled as to why MFH missed out on doing that? The seatbelts were done next, I couldn't find much references for them which was pretty frustrating. The most frustrating thing was that after doing the belts I found out that the material colour was red not blue (blue is supplied in the kit!) so annoying! I was also very unimpressed with the 'Autoflug' heat transfers that MFH provide with the kit, the characters look blurred and the edges of the lettering isnt crisp. Here it is complete and ready to be installed Here is a couple of photos showing the gearshift installed Once the seats and gearshift was completed I finished off the roll cage, mocked up and ready for paint: Painted and installed:
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    I bought Sherline lathe and vertical mill 4 years ago to try to make axles and rear swing arm pivot for Tamiya 1/12 motoGP kits, because the attached Tamiya screws is unacceptable to me. I saw so many nice builds are literally "ruined" by these unrealistic Tamiya screws: so may times when I appreciated fantastic 1/12 motoGP builds, I would convince me they are real thing until I saw these big ugly Phillips screws...... What a shame! I don't want any Tamiya screws on my 1/12 motoGP builds. That's the initial motivation to enter the machining field. All of the axles should be hollow with correct nut patterns!! A lot of frustration? of course. But when I finally successfully made the metal parts, I experienced the feeling of satisfaction like never before. Make front axles, rear swing arm pivots, working front shock absorbers (with internal springs) are easy, however, rear axle is the real obstacle. Because all aftermarket PE sets for Tamiya 1/12 motoGP rear axles are designed to accept Tamiya screws....... i.e. all of the commercial rear axle PE are too small to accept my machined rear axles. This leads me into the PE world in the end...... Last August I finally make my self the world's first PE to work with my machined rear axles! I have to admit my PE skill is not as good as commercial ones, but it works and I am happy now.... I may be the world's first guy to achieve this, aoaoaoaoaoao!!!
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    So I managed to get the front end done, a few little details and final touches are needed (like covering up the + screw in the front axle). I didnt do a write up on the front suspension but if you are intending to build this kit then I would highly recomend getting the front fork detail up set. This set allows you to build the suspension with an actual spring and actual working front suspension forks! Great job Tamiya! I added some metal wire to the rear section of the front fenders to hold the brake lines in place as in the actual 1:1 version, I was surprised that Tamiya didnt include this in the kit. Overall the front end went together without any dramas, now for the pics! Enjoy
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    Hi all! I started this one a little while ago but I've been way to busy to get time to post up a diary on the forums until now! So this is the Lotus 49 driven by the late Jim Clark in the South Africa GP of 1968, this was the last formula 1 race Jim Clark drove before his untimely death. This is an MFH kit which means lots of white metal and resin with zero plastic! Despite MFH kits being designed to a very high level of detail there are some areas and issues which need to be improved on and corrected. As the build gather pace I will go through the amendments and modifications made. To start here is some photos of the box and the kit contents: The box contents: This is how I organize my MFH builds, unlike traditional kits, the parts aren't on sprues which means you need to organize them based on their step in the instructions, once you have your parts organised like this then it becomes much easier to build without delays and it also will help you to single out any parts which are missing: The version I am building is the 1968 South African GP, Jim Clark: Some of the books I am using for reference, there are some more which I will post later on: I hope to update this thread soon so stay tuned!
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    Again very fin and detailed progress from you Pascal . I do not know if you have already noticed. MFH only has the licenses until the end of the year.
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    Thanks for the praises imster. Glad you like it😀
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    Right - shrank the chair! Pretty crude - but as I said, won't be seen AT ALL - and i want to finish this model! I've added a bit of 'padding' - (and obviously painted too early!) The filler inside is where the pilot part goes - I painted my 'fake' cockpit details.... ...and painted the instrument panel - I managed to get some white onto the clear parts, which have the dials cast in - when assembled with a black background, these actually look ok! (no decals) A test fit shows how little of any of this you will actually be able to see!! Especially with Ginger in position! Going to have to cheat Gingers physical appearance a bit to make him hold everything properly... I've also started removing his molded-in harness so I can use the Eduard detail parts I bought - at least the top straps that thread through the bulkhead to attach behind the seat...
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    Hi Welded Frame 1/2 I forgot to stuff holes .....that will take revenge. rear-wheel swing disc brake Fork Spring Preload Adjustment Front Fork Until next time
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    Hi guys Short Intermezzo Engine Engine Caps welded Engine Finish Until next time .....
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    Bellissima. Hai fatto un lavoro bellissimo compliments.
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    Not a massive update this 1 guys as I've been working on the kr500 build too but it's an update Painted front of body in zero paints white primer then zero paints brilliant gloss white...applied decals to the front end then cleared with zero lacquer... Now on the front of the bonnet there should be a martini decal and we'll I'm installing the spot lights pod on it and that would cover most of it so I applied it onto the light pod instead... Main body has had zero paints white primer...zero paints brilliant gloss white and then today applied all the decals...can't clear the body as I only realised today that the blue strip above the numbers on the doors and roof should have rothman''s in them so I ordered them up today so when they turn up will apply then clear the body... I've nearly finished the front end now and I think it looks great... Thanks for looking Ade