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  1. imster

    Tamiiya Suzuki Katana

    Nice progress and thanks for sharing! Are you aiming for a more modernized look to this build?
  2. imster

    Honda RC166

    Good news man, this kit is probably my favourite of all the kits I've built, I'm sure you will love it and judging by your work you will make it into a masterpiece
  3. Nice work on those suspensions! I've not heard of F1 Specialities, I assume they are not in business anymore? Good idea to burnish them, I used the same technique on some bolts for my Lotus 49 build and I was very happy with the results. Nice save on the paintwork too! I cant wait to see this one finished Pascal!
  4. imster

    Lotus 49

    Thanks Paul, I appreciate your feedback mate
  5. imster

    Honda RC166

    Thanks Paul, I should be more regularly featured towards the latter part of 2019 with more oob builds and new kit builds. In the meantime I am working on the article for my 1/20 Lotus 49 build
  6. imster

    Honda CB750F by PMB

    Thanks Mueller, I shall keep Knupfer in mind in future
  7. imster

    Honda CB750F by PMB

    You are saying Knupfer are expensive?
  8. imster

    Honda CB750F by PMB

    This is top shelf work! All the extra details you have added look spot on and its good you stripped the chrome and redone it with alclads, it looks much more authentic that way. I had a quick look at Knupfer, looks like some pretty cool tools and goodies there! I think I better learn to speak and read German
  9. imster

    Honda RC166

    Also for anyone interested, this build will feature very soon in Tamiya Model Magazine International. I have just done the finishing touches to the write up and will be submitted, further info will be posted if necessary
  10. imster

    Honda RC166

    Hi Paul, The ‘gold’ coloured parts of the engine were actually a mix of Alclad Pale Gold and Alclad Pale Burnt Metal, I mixed them roughly 50:50
  11. imster

    Lotus 49

    Thank you Mueller for your kind words mate
  12. imster

    Lotus 49

    Update!!! I was in a little bit of a rush when doing the photos due to the competition deadline, so the photos were way too vivid and bright. I managed to find some time to take some new photos that are a much better representation of the actual car
  13. imster

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    I love all the details you have added Dallas! Sets it all off perfectly
  14. imster

    Lotus 49

    Thanks Dallas! Yes I'm so pleased and also I'm kinda keen to do another 1/20-1/24 MFH build..
  15. imster

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Nice work Dallas, I really like how the exhaust has turned out, and as always your work is fantastic with so much added detail looking forward to seeing the end result buddy!!