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  1. imster

    Red Porsche Killer Revell 1/9

    What an amazing result! The paint looks great! the proportions are spot on, and the creativity is out of this world, what more could you ask for!!
  2. imster

    Intro by Fazer

    Some fantastic work @Fazer1006 Love that Norton so much!
  3. imster

    67 Corvette coupe

    I like it, these old school cars are awesome fun!
  4. imster

    Lotus 49

    Thanks fellas! I entered it into a competition here and it won its class and best overall automotive so I cant compain
  5. imster

    Honda CB900'R'

    Yep just seen it, whats next on the bench?
  6. imster

    Honda CB900'R'

    Very nice progress on this, keep it up mate!
  7. imster

    Honda RC166

    Thanks @Wayne S!!! Very good question and I'm having a hard time trying to remember how because it was so long ago but I think I used a small 1mm chisel tool, just gotta be careful not to go to hard and damage the surrounding parts I'm pretty sure I used 2mm wire which the tubing was put over Thanks my friend If you have any questions feel free to ask anytime, I shall look up that reference book too! Apologies to everyone as I was moving house and I havent been able to come back online for a while, my bench is yet to be setup so it will be some time before I'm back building anything
  8. imster

    30 model a coupe

    Nice clean build, one day I'll try one of these old school cars, seems like you can get pretty creative with them!
  9. imster

    Honda RC166

    Thanks John! Good to see you back here! I had some reference but nothing substantial, mainly google photos
  10. Nice work, good to see the decals are a strong white so no bleed through, I'm looking forward to seeing this done with all the rivets in place, how will you do the rivets?
  11. imster

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    Nice progress Dallas, I really like your weathering especially on the exhausts and the CF looks great too
  12. imster

    1/12 Porsche 956

    Thanks mate Lets see some photos of your 335S, The Rothmans livery is so iconic mate, for me it was a tough decision between rothmans or joest, I went with Joest because this particular car had Ayrton Senna as one of the drivers. For the cooling ducts I assume you are referring to the metal clamps? Those are from Best Balsa Kits: https://www.bestbalsakits.com/tamiya/tamiya-detail.asp?kitnumber=2780
  13. imster

    1/24 Tamiya Honda NSX.

    Nice work David!
  14. imster

    Ducati TT2 1982 Tony Rutter

    Ok I understand, watching you begin this build is getting me excited for when I eventually start mine! Looking forward to more progress!
  15. imster

    Ducati TT2 1982 Tony Rutter

    Are the resin allen head screws like rivets? so you drill the hole and insert it or do you actually have to screw them in?