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  1. I like the work on the gearknob, I assume it was hand painted with a clearcoat over the top? Your front end brake and clutch lines look superb too!
  2. Haha Lotus 49 also ordered by me! Im tempted by the Ferrari 312T as well
  3. Great job Pascal as always you are an inspiration to us all, your turned dials are a huge imporvement over the kit, and the completed dash looks fantastic! The seats looks superb, what colour did you paint them? And of course I love that sterring wheel
  4. imster

    Kawasaki Kr1000 F Endurance

    You should be very proud of this! Its an amazing build and I really also like your photography too
  5. imster

    Kawasaki KR1000F Endurance Tamiya1/12

    I really enjoyed reading this WIP, your solution to the yellow light looks great and your skills with producing parts makes this build just that much more better, I also appreciate how you went through the mistakes that were made, great reference for others who wish to build this kit and try to create similar to what you have made
  6. Pascal you are making quick progress! Very nice work as usual, I forgot to say I like your throttle linkage job, much better than the kit form
  7. imster

    1/20 Lotus 49

    Thanks Pascal, the work you did on your McLaren gives me lots of motivation mate Thanks Mueller, unfortunately they dont so if I decide to go with the Ebbro route then I will need to make modifications to the hubs so everything ssits correctly. I have noticed the Ebbro wheels look a little bit larger which in my opinion look correct as in lots of photos the car looks like it has huge wheels with small body, once everything is done though then I will determine if it the proportions are correct to transplant
  8. imster

    1/20 Lotus 49

    Thanks Pascal! I totally forgot to update this build thread! So I started this build by working on the cockpit, As always the first thing you must do with these white metal kits is to check fitment and mock up as much as you can. After looking at lots of reference I noticed that MFH got a few small details wrong, the first one was the dashboard and the configuration of the dials, so this issue will be corrected. I also noticed that MFH supply you with seatbelt material and the hardware to create lap belts, so when I began mocking up I noticed that the section where the belt is supposed to come up from was very tight and so a channel was filed in to create some space for the belt to be fastened down the side, if you look closely at the photos you will see where I did this. So after doing all that work I found out that Jim Clark never used seatbelts in his Lotus 49 and in fact back then the preference was to be thrown out of your racing car rather than crash with you inside it! Starting with the dashboard, this is how the part looks box stock, on the left side I added a dial there which is the detail that MFH got wrong: I was also not keen on just trying to paint and enhance the kit dahboard as it is, so I put my lathe to use and decided to turn all 5 of the dials on the dashboard. This meant having to very carefully and accurately drill out the moulded in white metal dials. Now if any of you reading has worked with white metal you will know that its very soft and can warp especially when you are drilling such large holes as I have, so if you look very closely you will see the holes for the dials are not perfectly round, this isnt a problem because the turned dials will sit on top and cover up imperfection! I also had to put a good deal of logical thinking and work out with the little reference I had on how the wires and cables were arranged out the back of the dashboard. I'm pleased with how it came out and although strictly speaking its probably not 100% accurate it does give a fair resemblance to how it looked. Once again I turned lots of tiny parts for the connectors at the back of the dashboard and also the front selector knob which has the red cable running out of it. This next photo shows all the different components for the back of the dashboard, some parts are scratchbuilt, some are PE, and some are metal turned fixings and rivets from T2M and Top Studio. Here is the dashboard complete, the black surround has a texture to it which was recreated by spraying Tamiya gloss black from a distance so it would spray on rough and give the desired look Some photos of the back of the dashboard after it was installed: Here are come finished up photos showing the dashboard complete and installed with the cockpit itself painted with rivets and miniature bolts installed and the seat completed with a textured faux leather supplied with the kit And finally, after looking at loads of reference I noticed that in my opinion the tyres supplied by MFH have very rounded edges rather than square which is what I see in all my reference, so I decided that I will try to transplant the Ebbro Lotus 49 wheels and tyres, this decision will be based on how it all looks once its pretty much complete (I plan to install the uprights and wheels at the end of this build). In the meantime here is a little comparison between the two tyre profiles: Thanks for reading and hopefully I will post up another update asap!
  9. They look like two piece so I think you did a very good job with your cleaning up and pin washes
  10. imster

    Kawasaki KR1000F Endurance Tamiya1/12

    Yes Mueller a link would be great! As usual your work here is superb mate!
  11. Seriously amazing work Pascal! I love the welds you made with solder, I shall try that in future. Also your driveshafts, are they just one piece? I look forward to seeing this when its complete!
  12. imster

    Kawasaki KR1000F Endurance Tamiya1/12

    Thank you for the information, I never though about doing something like that but now it seems so obvious haha, such a great idea, thank you Mueller
  13. imster

    Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2

    Thats great to hear Dallas! I look forward to more updates on this build
  14. imster

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Looking good Dallas! I like those PE hoseclamps, youve done a great job on them and the detail on the suspension resevoir is fantastic!
  15. imster

    Kawasaki KR1000F Endurance Tamiya1/12

    The translation is fine Mueller That sprocket looks superb! Did you print it on the plastic then cut it? Some fantastic techniques and skills my friend!