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  1. mueller

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    Hi Dallas. Thanks for the detailed video for applying Carbondecals. Interesting and instructive to see how you prepare the templates.
  2. mueller

    Protar MV Augusta F4

    Hi Mark . The Agusta is a very nice machine for me. Unfortunately, Protar has kept a lot of details very simple, there would have been more in 1/9. Your construction, with the improvements made by you, I will pursue curiously. You'll make something unique from that!
  3. mueller

    Ducati TT2 1982 Tony Rutter

    Thanks Mates . So now a little update. The Resin parts I think so far consistently convincing! The cast structure fits too.
  4. mueller

    Red Porsche Killer Revell 1/9

    thank you guys 😀 Mark, the next project is The Ducati TT 2 (Brach) is already started here as a WIP.
  5. mueller

    Honda CB900'R'

    Black beauty ..... Very clean built Lee I really like the idea of using other parts. Are you continuing on your Racefit Katana?
  6. mueller

    Honda CB900'R'

    Again very nice progress Lee! Your modifications look convincing . Do I see carbon brakes or is it because of the light?
  7. Puhhh finished after 4 years and fortunately, at the end everything worked out pretty well. Have fun watching. Pictures under CC-0
  8. mueller

    Honda CB900'R'

    Again a very interesting project, I'll watch you. But I'm a little confused. Is it a CB 900 R or Tamiya CB750F ?
  9. mueller

    67 Corvette coupe

    Nice Corvette you have assembled there Lee. Everything very clean and accurate, I like it !
  10. mueller

    Red Porsche Killer

    Thanks Mark . I also ordered the Yamaha RM1 and the Kawa H2R 😁 So little update I have completely rebuilt the brembos. In my stupidity I let myself be carried away to cut them off . The manifolds are not quite fit, but are still rotatable on the cylinder . Here you can still see quite well. The rear carburetor and the front manifold fit only suboptimal. Since you have to compromise. The steering is only temporarily glued on Until the next Time .
  11. mueller

    Intro by Fazer

    Hi Mark The Yamaha looks very good. The wire spokes / rims and the homemade feathers are great again! Is this Aoshima's 1:12 SR400?
  12. mueller

    Red Porsche Killer

    Hi Mates Not much done after all, 90% of all cables are misplaced. Rear brake system ready . All Allen screws are drilled Meng screws . Actually I would have to make the complete rear brake lever new, thicker is almost never. But is still to endure so . The arrow -> Original Revell brake fluid reservoir. Many parts are incredibly simple ..... Until next time
  13. mueller

    Red Porsche Killer

    Thanks Mark 😀 I have sent the files to your e-mail address.
  14. mueller

    Intro by Fazer

    Very cool and nice improves your Norton Manx Revell/Italerie or the Original Protar? The spoke wheel looks like homemade, very nicely done. What wire diameter did you take?
  15. mueller

    67 Corvette

    Clean paint job Lee .