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  1. mueller

    Red Porsche Killer

    Thanks Mates. Mark, the font is called nothing_you_could_do But you still have to edit it in a vector program. The SVG file I can provide you with if you like. Can you easily cut in a plotter.
  2. mueller

    67 Corvette

    Very nice Lee and the Cragar's always go well with a Corvette, I like it!
  3. mueller

    Red Porsche Killer

    Update ! The font I have revised again. Is now closer to the original. Let it dry first ...... On the weekends comes the clearcoat .
  4. mueller

    30 model a coupe

    I do not even know American cars, but your Hot Rod looks very nice! In the movie American Graffiti, there is such a car, is this also a 30 Ford?
  5. Class .... and very nice to look at, are the valves even with it?
  6. mueller

    1/24 Tamiya Honda NSX.

    Class built and beautifully painted! The Pearl White looks much better than pure white.
  7. mueller

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    Google is enough ... oh yes I see it right now!
  8. mueller

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    Wow great . What do you take as a template/ reference
  9. mueller

    Ducati TT2 1982 Tony Rutter

    Hello Imster The Resin screws are similar to those of Masterclub. Only you have to disconnect at Brach Model still from the sprue. The holes for the Allen screw, I drilled only 0.65 mm and then "glue" them with Alclad Aquagloss .
  10. mueller

    Ducati TT2 1982 Tony Rutter

    Thank you Imster I've already brought special Resinprimer. So little update. The tiny Resin Allen screws are not easy to use. Glueing I do with Aquagloss.
  11. mueller

    37 Ford coupe

    Very nicely built Lee. The lowering is you succeeded. And I understand that correctly that the wheels come from a Ford 32 and the axle from a 40 Ford. That was a lot of work to adjust everything .
  12. mueller

    Ducati TT2 1982 Tony Rutter

    Yes, Imster, the kit is of very good quality and the resin is superbly cast. Only with Resin I always have my problems with the adhesion of the paint, despite degreasing and priming(Figurs) Which kit do you have from Brach Model?
  13. mueller

    Red Porsche Killer

    Thank you for your encouragement . Well, then again from the beginning. By removing the paint, the plastic has now become brittle. I now had to glue the frame in several places. And my welds have failed . Blessing in disguise. The heat did not melt the frame.
  14. Unfortunately, after the little disaster with the Red P Killer, I first have to decolorize the whole frame and will not be able to continue the project for the next time. Since I'm just starting a new WIP. I want to build a Ducati 600 TT2 from 1982. The model has recently been launched on BrachModel. The kit is made of resin with metal parts .
  15. mueller

    Red Porsche Killer

    Big disaster When Shrink tube shrink part of the frame is melted. Here goes much later on ......... Could howl.