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  1. Oh Pascal, great work with many highlights ! The steering wheel looks even better in the picture. And your wood Gear knob is perfectly taken.
  2. Oh yes Pascal, the announced Daytona Spider is really seductive. And you're right, MFH has so many great models. Only limited by the purse. What do I buy first ...let's throw the dice. And have fun with your Lotus!
  3. Again very fin and detailed progress from you Pascal . I do not know if you have already noticed. MFH only has the licenses until the end of the year.
  4. mueller

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire MkVb

    I really like your Spitfire.πŸ˜€ The beam crosses are indeed for downed machines and the red ones are for what?
  5. Very nice details Pascal, the ignition coil looks really great. Are the nuts on the coil dummys?
  6. mueller

    Kawasaki Kr1000 F Endurance

    Thanks for the praises imster. Glad you like itπŸ˜€
  7. mueller

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire MkVb

    Unfortunately, no pictures to see, only I have this problem? ah, there again.πŸ˜€ If some rivets have suffered, they will be tightened again ?
  8. Hi guys Here are some pictures of the finished Kawasaki. Spring on the exhaust has been redone again. Oil pressure hose I have staged by Elastic Cord, you do not see in the Wip. The Cabel Tensioner are homemade and I forgot to paint. Balancing weights on the handlebars are turned parts . Until the next Time ......
  9. mueller

    Kawasaki KR1000F Endurance Tamiya1/12

    Hy Guys Well, the Wip is coming to an end . The shown Kawasaki was driven by a French team. And in Racers was a picture on which was a headlight yellow, rather just the lamp not the reflector. I wanted to try that. Thanks for watching and commenting, the next pictures in the gallery.
  10. mueller

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire MkVb

    Your cockpit looks very functional, I like how you have implemented it. Are you working for a template? The figure is well taken, the skin tone fits. Certainly not easy to do. For me, the Tamiyas are too thin of the consistency for the figure painting. I did not manage it with Tamiyas.
  11. mueller

    Kawasaki KR1000F Endurance Tamiya1/12

    Hey guysπŸ˜€ Continue with painting LimeGreen by Zero Paints . Mask and white paint, the decals were totally yellowed. Punch for the reflectors. Will soon see why ....... Has not proven itself. But you only need two. Tachometer(Thats right?), Nut Screw (steering head) Homemade. As you can see, the oil cooler is connected to the picture And here is the exhaust in the right position. The spring is made of drawn plastic. Until the next Time
  12. mueller

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire MkVb

    Very nice, the panel does not need any decals, Your brush work is great .
  13. mueller

    Kawasaki KR1000F Endurance Tamiya1/12

    Thanks Imster . Here comes the Link now comes some things that didn't go well Well, the exhaust was not stuck in the hole yet. He fit so well ........ touch up Under the tape is a metal piece, I want to moor the panel with a magnet on the exhaust. The upper arrow was previously the recording of the disguise ........ I slept there lower arrow, the magnet Until the next Time .
  14. The wash is so good that it does not stand out. The feathers, do the metal colors bleed?