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  1. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Thanks John. Yes, that would be the more obvious place for them, but I like to be different 😁. As for the tint, I did that on the Ducati I built, this was just trying to show an alternative method πŸ‘
  2. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    Not sure to be honest. Most of the time I’m fortunate and don’t get hit by customs.
  3. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    Thanks Imster. Appreciate it πŸ‘ Thanks Kev. Check out hobbyeasy.com. They have them in stock at a reasonable price.
  4. fortyfourpm

    67 Corvette

    Nice start. Those wheels look good on it πŸ‘
  5. Really nice work. Can I ask why you’ve masked off the area for the badge before clear coat?
  6. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    Great. I spend many evenings researching stuff while ignoring what my wife is watching on television πŸ˜‚
  7. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    You mean for general reference photos? For that I just trawl google images
  8. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    Bringing it up to date now, I got the chassis and engine bay complete. Rear subframe detail painted and attached. You can just see the air ducts from the S27 set tucked in there Front end also had some air ducts. I opted to use SMS cf decal for the undertray and applied an oil wash over the silver part to break up what would otherwise be a boring silver panel Overall view of the chassis. MFH heat shield material was used in the central tunnel Onto the brakes. Studio 27 provide some really nicely cast white metal centre parts. These were fitted with their PE disk faces and the white metal calipers. They also provide a spring and upright for the shocks so these replaced the moulded kit parts Onto the engine bay. S27 CF decals are heavily used in this area. A mix of gloss and matt clears were used to replicate the real car. I've also made a start on adding some extra wires and details in here Air box cover added. More CF decals and HD mesh Having looked at a number of reference photos, there are a number of electrical cables noticeable by their absence in the kit. After a bit of thought, I decided to add these, both under the airbox and along the side of the air hose in the photos above Final shot shows some really nice PC cable ties from @Scalelabmodels which finish off the engine bay nicely. I chose to use blacken-it on these, rather than paint, but it's apparent in the photos they need a bit more attention. This will be rectified for the next update.
  9. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM

    First update is the engine and exhaust. I decided to make my own air intake trumpets from boot lace ferrules, but having looked at them complete I changed my mind and reverted back to the kit part. With the home-made trumpets. Not particularly neat so they were binned. Back to the kit parts. The rails were modified to mount at the bottom, rather than at the top as they are moulded. Engine installed in the chassis The kit has the xhaust system split, so the headers should be attached to the engine and the main pipes fitted after the engine is in situ. This leaves a nasty looking join, so I opted to join these two and fill the gap, then mounted them complete later on. I opted to use the resin tips out of the Hobby Design set as they were much nicer than the white metal options in the S27 set
  10. I started this back in October, but only just getting back to it and realised I'd not posted it up here. So here goes. The first post will be the box contents and some of the extras I plan to use. I picked up the Hobby Design set before even getting the kit, but then I found the Studio 27 set so just had to have that. Box art in all it's glory: On to the contents. I'll let the parts speak for themselves On recommendation, I went for the Hobby Design wheels. Having done a bit of research, they are technically incorrect for the red DTM car, but I'm going to go with them as I prefer the look and it makes it a bit different from all the others Studio 27 CF decals Kit decals. Great to see they are printed by Cartograph so I don't expect any problems from them First detail set - this one from Hobby Design includes lots of photo etch, resin and turned metal rivets Next is the S27 set. Even more detail and quite a bit of white metal parts included. Instructions for both detail sets Studio 27 decals. These are also printed by Cartograph and look high quality as you would expect
  11. fortyfourpm

    1/24 Tamiya Honda NSX.

    Beautiful work as always David πŸ‘
  12. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha R1M

    Thanks guys - thoroughly enjoyed this one 😁
  13. fortyfourpm

    37 Ford coupe

    Nice work Lee πŸ‘
  14. fortyfourpm

    Ducati TT2 1982 Tony Rutter

    Great start. That engine looks real!
  15. fortyfourpm

    Red Porsche Killer

    That’s a shame, but looks like you are well on the way to recovering from it.