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  1. fortyfourpm

    Aoshima CB400 Four

    Thank you. That’s an interesting observation on the rear mudguard. I’ve used some artistic license as far as the colours and the front bit not being plastic. I was aware of that from my reference photos. It’s probably worth changing the upper part though, as I hadn’t made the connection thst was part of the frame.
  2. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Few photos of where I’m at with this. Wheel was masked off to replicate a ‘rim sticker’ to make it a bit different to all the others being built. Lots of various PE washers used to finish it all off. Swing arm was painted with Alclad polished Aluminium and everything else was a range of Zero Paints. Scale Motorsport CF decals were used on the rear hugger, chain guides and front sprocket cover. All cleared with Zero paints 2k diamond. T2M braided line was ran and pinned fown as per my reference photos Rear disk was scuffed up to look used. An RB Motion banjo fitting finished the caliper off Rear chain was painted silver, then a black oil wash applied and then the pins picked out with a fine brush and silver paint. Side stand was modified to not use any screws. Pin to push it down and the spring where both scratch built.
  3. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Got the latest video uploaded for this now:
  4. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    I’ve got some S27 decals for my Alfa build, but found them a bit brittle. Maybe the R1M ones will be better.
  5. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Yes, a bit of artistic license. As there are so many being built now I’m trying to make mine a bit different.
  6. fortyfourpm

    1/20 Lotus 49

    Great work. The detail on that dash and the wiring us stunning!
  7. fortyfourpm

    Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2

    Thanks @imster. I’ve had a few other things push their way in front, but it will be back!
  8. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Thanks, I use Windsor and Newton artist oils to make the washes.
  9. fortyfourpm


    Beautiful! The bikes ok as well ?
  10. Nice work! It’s certainly a livery that stands out ?
  11. fortyfourpm

    Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2

    Thank you. Once I’ve got a few things finished off I should be back at this one.
  12. fortyfourpm

    Kawasaki KR1000F Endurance Tamiya1/12

    Great work on this. I’ve missed a few updates so just catching up.I really need to try that weld idea some time.
  13. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Thanks guys ? @Martin, i’m sure you won’t be disappointed if you get one!
  14. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Next update brings us up to date as I get the engine and rear suspension mounted into the frame. So far, nothing untoward as you would expect with a modern Tamiya kit. I decided to re-work the rear brake lines to incorporate the ABS system that these bikes have. I started out with making a mount from sheet styrene then used some spare wire I had and some braided line. I fitted a couple of PE hex nuts to the wire to simulate the fixing points and finished it off with an RB Motion banjo fitting on top of the master cylinder. SMS carbon fibre decal was placed over the rear undertray and the cleared with Zero 2k diamond clear followed by sanding flat and machine polishing. Another video is also online for this stage:
  15. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Sorry guys, I missed an update on this. Engine all completed as far as I’m taking it. I drilled holes ready for plug wires, but decided against fitting them on this one. I used small PE bolt heads all over the engine and applied an oild wash to gring the details out a bit. I also found some usused PE hose clamps so I made use of these as well. I also uploaded a video diary for this: