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    Having owned one of these bikes for over 30 years (had to sell it when I moved three years ago), I only discovered there was a kit of it recently so I've just bought one. Your build so far is fantastic, I don't think I'm going to be able to get mine anything like as good. One point that struck me, though, is the rear mudguard. The small arched part over the top (part 17) is actually part of the frame, and so should be gloss black. The front of the mudguard (part 34) is a soft slightly flexible black plastic - the same plastic is used for the toolbox - and so would be matt or semi-gloss black. Here's a picture of it on my bike. The chrome part of the mudguard had by then been eaten by rot, and had been replaced with a black fibreglass one, but you can see the frame and front mudguard. Seat is also non-standard, and the wiring's a bit tatty! The other thing I noticed, which you can't really do much about, is that the kit has the larger Japanese/American style rear light, UK bikes were fitted with a Stanley rear light which was smaller and flatter across the top. The light back plate is chrome, the mount is black metal. No picture of this I'm afraid, mine got smashed in the garage! Please keep posting updates, I'd love to see more of it.