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  1. Limeyglue

    67 Corvette coupe

    Here is my finished Revell 67 Corvette. Built box stock apart from the wheels from the Revell 32 ford. painted Tamiya Titanium gold over silver with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking. Lee
  2. Limeyglue

    Honda CB900'R'

    Here is my version of the Tamiya CB750 custom tuned. So far i have fitted the forks, wheels and brakes from the Ducati 888 superbike and braced the swingarm and made the exhaust into two megaphone exhausts. I have also modified the clocks so i could keep the tacho. I modified some aluminium belmouths for a F1 race car to fit the carbs. Thanks for looking Lee
  3. Limeyglue

    67 Corvette

    not really. I have painted it mat black Meuller. Here are a few photos of the painted body, it s Tamiya Titanium gold over silver with Tamiya clear. I am letting it harden for a few dyas and then i will be foiling the window frames and polishing. Thanks for looking Lee
  4. Limeyglue

    67 Corvette

    A bit more progress on this. Got the chassis and interior finished now on to painting the body. Thanks for looking Lee
  5. Limeyglue

    67 Corvette

    I scored this recently on ebay for a good price. I was going to use it for another project but when i opened it i decided to build it. i am going to build it box stock apart from the wheels i am using the wheels from a revell 32 ford that have been dechromed. So far i have painted the chassis and suspension and painted the wheels. her are a few photos and a mock up of what it will look like. Thanks for looking Lee
  6. Limeyglue

    Red Porsche Killer

    Great save Mueller
  7. Limeyglue

    30 model a coupe

    Thanks guys. The car in american graffiti is a 32 ford coupe
  8. Limeyglue

    30 model a coupe

    Here is my version of the Revell 30 Model A coupe. I lowered the front slightly otherwise box stock. Painted in Tamiya Mica red with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking Lee
  9. Limeyglue

    Gulf Porsche 917K Le Mans

    That looks really good Kev i love the 917
  10. Limeyglue

    Red Porsche Killer

    I hate when things like this happens when you nearly completed a project i have a couple of builds that are on the naughty shelf because of things like this!
  11. Limeyglue

    37 Ford coupe

    Thanks Imster i lowered the front using the axle from the Revel 40 ford pickup and moved the rear axle up in the chassis so it mounted on the top of the cross member and then notched the chassis where the trailing arms mount to get the pinion angle better. Here are a few photos of the mods. thanks for looking Lee
  12. Limeyglue

    37 Ford coupe

    Here is my version of the Revel 37 ford coupe. Built with the wheels from the Revel 32 coupe and lowered all round painted in halfords rattle can black with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking Lee
  13. Limeyglue

    64 dodge

    Thanks guys
  14. Limeyglue

    Red Porsche Killer

    really like the machining on the footpegs and that front wheel looks cool
  15. Limeyglue

    Tamiiya Suzuki Katana

    Thanks Imster