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  1. John18D

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Audio is much better Dallas - Excellent work on the paint job. Your videos are really well done - Hats off to you Cheers John
  2. where did you get this decal set from? I've seen Hiroboy list the Zero paint but no source for the decal set?? Cheers John
  3. John18D

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    I completely agree with Imster - the added details make this build stand out. I liked the videos too - only for some reason the volume of the videos is very low even with all the volume settings on "high". Just something to consider for future videos - the volume is also low on the Top Studio chain build video. Other than that excellent work Dallas Cheers John
  4. John18D

    1/12 Williams FW14b

    Wow imster - you are off to a really great start excellent work on the engine details Imster when did you get the RBmotion "pod" detail set? Also do you remember how much you paid for it? Cheers John
  5. John18D

    Fujimi Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R750

    Kev - be careful when you over reduce clears - many times it with make the curing "hotter" on a chemical level and it will damage the paintwork because the clear will then melt and reactivate the reducers "thinners" in the original colored paints. When I use 2K clearcoats I also do a very light "tack" coat then a medium coat and then after I see that there is no damage to the paint or decals I do a final "wet" coat for gloss depth. Cheers john
  6. John18D

    Fujimi Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R750

    I agree with Imster - Kev you have the skills to do a MFH kit. This GSX-R came out sweet. Did you ever find the cause for the tape etching the first paint ?? Did the paint just not completely dry? Cheers John
  7. John18D

    Gulf Porsche 917K Le Mans

    Hey Kev and Imster - you guys know there is a HRM transkit for this Fujimi kit right?? It has the full engine/transaxle and suspension and bulkhead bits for the Fujimi kit - the last I saw it sold for like $35.00 USD + shipping Cheers John
  8. John18D

    Ducati Panigale SBK 2013

    Yes Kev is right - Excellent build Sandro All your builds are really clean and detailed with fantastic paint and decal work. And your pictures - rarely do you ever see dust or static fluff in the pictures - lol It's amazing how clean the work is - here in Arizona there is so much dust in the air I just give up on it - lol I Always enjoy following the builders on this forum - very talented people here. Cheers John
  9. John18D

    Ducati Panigale SBK 2013

    Sorry Imster - I don't do social media - Life is too short for that crap I found the correct link for him by using "google" Thank you though I do appreciate the help attempt. I was looking for someone that had made parts of the kit - I found the wheels on "Shapeways" but am still looking for the tank and exhaust parts as they are different. If CGM does a 2017- 2018 Panigale kit then I might just get one of them - I was looking to do a "Melandri" Panigale or maybe a "Davies" version. The CGM kits are pricey for what you get in the box - compared to say K's Workshop. I have 2 Panigale kits that I will build once I have all the bits for them - I also have 2 of the Hobby Design super detail kits for the builds and 2 of the Top Studio kits Cheers Imi and again I appreciate your offer to help me. John
  10. John18D

    Ducati Panigale SBK 2013

    Sandro I tried the link but it is a bad website - do you have another URL link for the Transkit? Cheers John
  11. Any updates to this awesome build D ?? Cheers John
  12. John18D

    Ducati Panigale SBK 2013

    Sandro - did the transkit come with the "slick" racing tires or did you sand down the Tamiya kit tires? and like Andrea - "where did you get the transkit ? and those pipes do look the biz" we never see those transkits here in the USA Cheers John
  13. John18D

    Honda NSR500 Daytona 200

    Really a sweet build Imster Plenty of detail there from what I can see Was that paintwork or decals? for the bulk of the bodywork Too bad there was not a WIP on this one - it really came out clean Cheers John
  14. Sandro - where did you get the "red" honda "wing" decals that are on the tank cover from? Cheers John
  15. John18D

    Hasegawa NSR 500 “Elf Honda”

    Really well done on this build how did I miss this NSR until now? great WIP pics and explanations Cheers John