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  1. Plastic Freak

    Red Porsche Killer Revell 1/9

    That is one wild looking machine, well done.
  2. Plastic Freak

    Gulf Porsche 917K Le Mans

    Kev, I have some Fujimi ones. You are welcome to a set. Pm me your addi if you would like some. I actu
  3. Plastic Freak

    Tamiya Mazda 787b, Radical Paint

    My wife says to me all the time 'you're crazy, I don't know how can you do that tiny stuff with your sausage fingers'
  4. Plastic Freak

    Ford GT 1966 Fujimi

    Beautiful, nice looking detailing in the interior.
  5. Plastic Freak

    1/24 Tamiya Ferrari LaFerrari

    Looks great to me, I dig the colour. A really great looking build. Interested in see your next one.
  6. Plastic Freak

    Tamiya Mazda 787b, Radical Paint

    All good guys, I appreciate the interest. We build for the pleasure it gives us. I like to challenge myself with complicated, tedious proscesses such as cutting all those dashes, just to see if I can do it.
  7. Plastic Freak

    Ferrari 330 P4

    Beautiful build. Glass smooth paint .
  8. Plastic Freak

    Tamiya Mazda 787b, Radical Paint

    Thanks Immy. The faces are just cast resin, using two part silicon putty to make a basic one part mold and Tamiya pit crew faces as the masters. The paint effect is a series of layering and latex of black over "chrome" paint. Simply paint your base colour, splatter the latex over it with a tooth brush then paint the second colour.
  9. This started out as a pre built evilBay acquisition. It was completely assembly and missing a rear wing, and the drivers side (right side drive) hub/brake duct assembly, many of the locating pins for the rear suspension had to be redrilled and pined. For the missing parts I cast new bits from another 787b kit I have. Immy gave me some PE bits which are on this, such as the from intake grills, wing ends, gas filler rings and rad faces. I added in the support rods for the intake box and the wiring you can see. I originally started this a year ago this past Halloween with that as my main theme, hence the faces which leave the build with a macabre feel. This is all paint no decals at all. All the dashes were hand cut masks measuring 1mmx3mm, they took 8hrs to cut, then 4hrs to lay down over the chrome base and another 1hr to remove them all. Over all there is about 15hrs in the paint alone.
  10. Plastic Freak

    Toyota GAZOO Racing 86

    Real sharp looking build. Very nice looking engine detail, very nice hard line work.
  11. Plastic Freak

    Tamiya 1/32nd De Havilland Mosquito

    This is simply an incredible amount of detail showcasing some really mad skills. You plane guys sure put a ton of work and detail into areas that are only seen once during the assembly process then forever hidden away. Awesome work all round.
  12. Plastic Freak

    Ed Roth's 'Mothers Worry'

    Thanks, I agree, Totally weird, not my bag either but was fun just the same.
  13. Plastic Freak

    A 'what if' Spitfire race.

    Thanks guy. I do like to build of the beaten path.
  14. Plastic Freak

    Ed Roth's 'Mothers Worry'

    I built this about 9yrs ago for a friend. Lots of add on's and non kit specs such as the engine, wheels, just some more fun and out of the box build.