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Found 3 results

  1. fortyfourpm

    Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1M

    Ever since I built the original Tamiya Yamaha R1 about 10 years ago I’ve been hopijg they would release a new model. Earlier this year thst finally happened, with the new R1M being announced in May 2018 at a show in Japan. As soon as it showed up on retail sites I had my pre-order in. Finally it arrived this week, so I got stuck straight in!
  2. Finally got round to taking some completed photos for this build. Overall I'm happy with it. I didn't experience any real problems along the way, it all went together as you would expect from a Tamiya kit. I added a few extras, like neodymium magnets to replace the fairing screws and wire on the hand grips and SMS PE set, but overall I was wanting to concentrate on having a nice, clean build. This was the first time I've been successful with polishing, which I put down to buying the Zero Paints polishing set. Thanks for looking and thanks to those that followed along in the WIP here.
  3. Hi, Just completed the Hasegawa YZR500 in Lucky Strike Roberts colours from the 1989 season. This one the mount of Kevin Magee (Magoo). Impressive kit and will probably try a Sarron version in the future. Only aftermarket bought for the build the Decalpool Lucky Strike sheet, but used plenty of PE, bolts and other bits I had to hand. Red parts of the livery sprayed with a custom mix and 2k clear finish, not polished yet. Great kit although I found the fairing a little tight so might be worth a dry fit before painting if you are going to attempt this one, other than that some great crisp moldings. Cheers Doc