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How To Post Images


How Do I Post Pictures?

Here at SW365 we host your pictures so all you have to do is drag and drop the pictures you want to upload and the forums will upload them! You can still do it the other way by linking your own photo from an image hosting site as well.


To upload a picture you first look at the bottom of the message editing box and you will find “Drag files here to attach, or choose files…”




“Drag Files” If you choose to use this to upload then all you do is find where the picture is on your computer and simply drag it over to the grey box where it says “Drag files here to attach…”


“Choose Files” When you click on this a pop up box opens which allows you to search for the pictures you would like to upload from your computer. To select multiple pics you can hold down CTRL while clicking the pictures.


“Insert Other Media” Clicking on this will bring a drop down menu where you can select to “Insert Existing Attachment” or “Insert Image from URL”. “Insert Existing Attachment” allows you to select a pic that has already been uploaded. “Insert Image from URL” allows you to post a picture that is on an image hosting site such as Photobucket. All you do is copy and paste the URL in the pop up box that comes up when you select “Insert Image from URL” and the picture will link from the Image Hosting Site.   


Once you have uploaded the image then you can press the + in the bottom left hand corner or the image to add it to where the cursor is on the message you are typing

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