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  2. Haha forgive me. Sorry my English is not the best. It may be that I write something strange. "Die Anlassfarben sind verdammt gut getroffen !" 😀
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  4. Haha. Not bad, thou. These colors look charming!
  5. Thanks 44, i would definitely refer to your tutorials when I start building the chain. Wouldn’t expect that will be an easy task, thou.
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  7. The temper colors I like just fine 😀
  8. Very nice used condition clean implemented. The self-filed rims have become great 👍
  9. thanks for the link Dallas. As you can see on the link you can print 1/12 chains. Here's my chain scaled to 1/18, is still so. Everything is just a little filigree and fragile . Chainring 0.4 mm Chain max. 1mm And I also went a bit further, For the NS 500 I printed a few more parts Until see next time
  10. Thanks for following guys - completed photos now up here
  11. Got this one all buttoned up now. Thanks to those that followed along with the WIP. It was almost built box stock - but then I decided to re-spoke he wheels to make them look better. I also added a few resin rivets here and there where they were missing, along with some RB Motion spark plugs. Other than that it’s all kit parts detail painted. I decided to go for a well used look like an unrestored ‘daily driver’. Something used regularly, but with 40 years worth of use and abuse so there are some marks around the tank etc to add to this effect.
  12. @Scalelabmodels is currently working on a 1:12 3D printed chain over on his Facebook page Scalelab models
  13. Looks a good challenge. Looking forward to progress and final results...
  14. That’s a good idea! If I ever do an F1 car I might give that a go 👍
  15. That’s certainly different, and an interesting look with the snake skin pattern.
  16. Only just seen this thread and you’ve made some rapid progress! If it helps, I’ve uploaded a couple of tutorials here for the chain:
  17. Nice work. The tonal variations make a big difference and break up the monotony of a single silver colour.
  18. I’m loving watching this one come together - a true work of art!
  19. This one has been away from the bench for far too long now, so time to bring it back. front wheel has been re-spoked to match the rear one and fitted to the frame. There’s not actually that much left to do on it now, so it should go fairly quickly from here.
  20. Final build photos are up on the site here. I’ll get a final review video up soon.
  21. Here’s the compleed photos for my Ferrari 812. First off, thanks to those that followed with the WIP and watched my videos. Much appreciated. There were a couple of areas I could have improved on, but all in all I enjoyed the build.
  22. Thanks @John18D I would save this up for later builds. After taking off the maskings, the result is not bad. Eventhou it’s not great like other experienced builders. I would learn more. :)
  23. Thanh - look at heat staining on models built by Imster ans Sandro and Andrew and Doc Fester etc etc there are many great builders on this forum and they have excellent heat staining results Cheers John
  24. If you say so Thanh But I have had and others have done better heat staining effects on this forum with the AlClad II products Look over the website at model builds and see what other master builders have used for heat staining You have done a great job so far I would hate to see you do something that would detract from your excellent build so far Cheers John
  25. Hi John, are they working fine Mr Hobby colors?
  26. Thanh - good try at the exhaust heat staining I have found it much better to use the transparent colors from AlClad II and not opaque colors. Look at your local Hobby shop and see if they have the AlClad II products and get the heat stain colors that they make. Cheers John
  27. My first time to paint the exhaust pipes. Not really great but I’m happy with this. It made your build is unique 😛
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