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  2. Working very slowly.... for the moment the spring on the side stand.... pictures will follow.....
  3. Earlier
  4. Unfortunately no updates. Shortly after posting this I had some major life changes and had to put everything in storage.
  5. Nice photos Griffo of your NSR500 Looking forward to your next build Cheers John
  6. Hello Andrea - any more updates to the GSXR750g Cheers John
  7. Hello Thanh - any chance of finishing this one off?? I heard on the BBC news that Germany and other places in Europe are shutting down again because of virus outbreaks. It would be great to see this one finished and added to your collection of nice builds. Cheers John
  8. Nice build Griffo Thanks for sharing it with the forum and answering all my questions. Helpful for when I get back to building and start my own 84' NSR500 You and Imster have a couple of nice ones. Cheers John
  9. Any updates to this dual build? I'll follow along. Cheers John
  10. Have made a start. I'm using magnets for the fairings this time. These are 2mm x 1mm. Just have to make sure you get the orientation correct. Need to fill the holes before primer. Surgery about to begin.
  11. Next build on the bench, 2005 Valencia Anniversary edition Yamaha YZR-M1, with a few extra details. Have had this kit in the stash for a long time and @Thanh Nguyen has inspired me to give the Top Studio detail set a go.
  12. Aaaaanddd... we're done. Quite a few flaws, but I'm really happy with how this came out. That happy sad stage, build over and pleased, now need to decide which of the stash to work on next!
  13. So long...don’t have much time to finish this beast. Nothing is big to be expected. Just adding the speedometer to the dashboard.
  14. Entering the home stretch now. I have really enjoyed this kit.
  15. No it's not... I tried but the result was really bad.... I used the hasegawa matt black foil https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-cars-motorcycles-bare-metal-foil-hasegawa-models-ha-71804?zenid=2e0600395a00508dec435fd9bae81d2c
  16. Again interesting techniques you show . Is the rubber strip around the glass painted ?
  17. Thanks Andrea - too bad this 2K clear is not available in the USA. Cheers John
  18. I bought the cheapest on ebay .... ppg deltron D8140 https://www.ebay.it/itm/Vernice-Trasparente-Acrilica-UHS-PPG-D8140-1LT-CATALIZZATORE-D8242-D8242-D8244/273943886185?hash=item3fc853f969:g:KzIAAOSw6ZRdObuM
  19. Really nice attention to detail Andrea - on the windscreen and other subtle things you have done. It is small touches like this that make you one of the better builders on the website. Which PPG 2K clear are you using?? DelThane or Clear 2000 or is it a newer type?? I also used to paint my racebikes with PPG paints Using DBU and DBC urethane paints and the 2K Clear 2000 They make fantastic paints. - very easy to work with. Cheers John
  20. I use the LP paints almost exclusively now - their metallic colours are truly spectacular and very tough.
  21. Thanks Griffo - I have that color at home I bought about 25 different pots of the LP paints from Taiwan off eBay but they doubled the price so for now I won't get anymore. One of these days they should get the LP paints here in the USA - We have stupid laws that require the paints have warning labels on them so because of that most of the Japanese paints do not make it here to the USA via the manufacturer - Cheers John
  22. I had to work on the mirrors, reinforced the joint with 0,7 rod and finally the tank on the bike.... look at the black rubber band on the bottom of the tank :brig: and the seat... and the rubber edge also on the glass ...
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