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  2. Next build. Inspired by others I have seen here. Will make a start over the next few days. Not sure who I'll choose yet, Rocket Ron Haslam or Randy Mamola. Was never a Freddie fan.
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  4. My last car finished in this quarantine, Ford GT Le Mans, Revell kit, with PE Studio 27, and Decals. Sandro
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  6. For the fork tubes chrome foil from hasegawa
  7. The bolts look very effective! So do the forks. Have you used metal foil for the fork tubes? Details have been highlighted really well.
  8. Front forks are ready.... I placed some resin bolts on the passenger footpegs.....
  9. @Griffo_Aus I use an old hair dryer and it works well... with too heat you can ruin the decal with some bubbles.... decals are hasegawa
  10. You have done a magic job @andrew59it! You have lined them up perfectly. The decals are Hasegawa or Cartograf? I recently purchased a small craft heat gun. Was very cheap, only AUD20, so, 15 Euro. I have found it to be the best thing for thick decals (and even thin ones) - it really makes the decal conform to compound curves.
  11. There are no black decals.... if you see back in the picture you will see the base paint scheme is white and deep blu.... the one suggested in the instruction. I had to cut in 2 parts the decal over the air intake it was just one piece
  12. Yes Thanh the man that started T2M started back in 2007. It is too sad that his health went bad and he closed the business. They made a lot of really cool parts for the 1/12 bikes and some 1/24 cars too. Hopefully Johnson at Top Studio will make more of the T2M parts over time Cheers John
  13. Really? I didn’t know that John. I thought Apple produces mostly every parts in elsewhere than USA and just assemble them in China. Interesting! I also heard some products from Apple are made in USA but it costs more, I assume. a fun fact, I‘m also working in QA industry but for software 😁 You‘re right John, some thing you buy for models is more or as expensive like you buy the 1:1. probably producing them is not as easy as 1:1. 😂 I have a hunch that if T2M were still doing its business, we would have got much more cool stuff.
  14. Thanh - most people don't know the difference between "black" or "grey" in the exhaust tips - I only know because I used to race bikes and we would look at the tips to determine the settings of jets and needles in the carburetors - it was a quick way to check the fuel/air mixtures. - too rich you lose power and too lean you can damage the engine and overheat it. My point was that you are paying attention to that level of detail which is a very good thing - most people just paint the outside of the exhaust and don't think about the inside of the tips. Apple is good quality because the parts are made here in the USA and the shipped to China for assembly because labor is cheap there - most made in China products are crap - they do not last - some are good but it is a rarity. In the 70's it was the same with made in Japan - lots of crap - but over the years Japan has realized if you want repeat customers you must produce a quality product and so now most of the products from Japan and South Korea are very good - they have concentrated on "quality control". At this point China has a lot of problems with "quality control". Yes to day there are many manufacturers that are very good at producing parts for building models - but the detail parts are not cheap - you pay as much for a 1/12 scale bolt as a real 1/1 bolt - lol Cheers John
  15. Thanks John. Your comment is always informative and helpful. That helps me a lot. To be honest, I don’t know much about the car or bike in general. I just took the reference and tried to simulate as good as I can. So my bike is not utilizing the fuel and it gets the black smokes 😂. It‘s also uncertain that after the Covid pandemic, the goods will come from somewhere other than China, I guess. 🤷‍♂️ Due to the fact that ‚made in Japan‘ goods are always in best quality. That can’t be denied. But ‚made in China‘ or ‚assembly in China‘ from well known brand like Apple comes with good quality too. loving the fact that my builds are coming more and more better in everything. But yeah, I’m still learning. Building is a process of non stop learning. It’s undeniable that today accessories are quite good for builders.
  16. Thanh - EXCELLENT work on the RC211V - You should be very proud and pleased of your work on this build - it is every bit as good as any other build on the Forum Thanh - look at how far you have progressed since the RC213V - OUTSTANDING improvement in such a short time. Your next improvement will be when you use 2K clear - that will allow you to polish the clear more and produce a flawless smooth and glossy finish on the bodywork - so save up for that paint extractor booth. I got one here in the USA for about $75 usd back 4 years ago but the prices are still about the same on eBay - that is probably the best place to find one from China. Everything comes from China now-a-days - lol in the 1970's everything was "made in Japan" now it's all "made in China" - lol Also Thanh I like the "black" paint on the rear wheel stand - that's a change - most people paint is silver or some aluminum color Also - the subtle "black" you painted inside the tips of the exhaust to simulate the "soot" from the exhaust gases - just so you know it should be a light "flat" or "matt" grey - when the exhaust tips have black in them the engine is running too "rich" - too much fuel - back in the old 2-stroke days it was common to avoid a "lean seizure" of the engine which would lockup the engine and launch the rider over the handlebars - ouch - with todays bikes have fuel injection and the bikes never run "rich" in fact they have a "lean" selector to minimize fuel usage so they can make the restricted fuel limit last the length of the race. Small difference in color - at least Thanh you are addressing things like the inside of the exhaust tips - that is the little things that make a build better than someone that does not address such detailed things. Kudos Thanh - you are becoming one of the great builders on the forum - your work is fast and clean and detailed - very good work Cheers John
  17. Thanks John for the Information. That’s interesting. are we ready for the race, my RC211V? 😀
  18. WOW Andrea - excellent work with the decals - it looks quite complicated as it is not just one decal but several. Did you use a decal setting solution? which one? Thanks for the info on the frame and engine. Cheers John Andrea - was there ample decal for the small "blue" vent on the right side bodywork panel? or did you have to use some paint? - the "blue" vent just above the black decal on the right lower panel?
  19. Andrea and Thanh - The black "wrap" that you are seeing on the Kevlar brakes lines in the photo posted by Thanh is to protect the brake lines in the event of a crash - Kevlar brake lines can be abraided by the asphalt track when the bike goes down - that "black cover" is to protect the brake lines in a crash so the rider can remount and continue racing - not all bikes use it and I have seen races where it was on and races where it was not. It is just a protective cover for the Kevlar brake lines. Cheers John
  20. Anyway... @John18D frame and swing arm are alclad aluminium. I bought the AK xtreme aluminium but it's to shiny.... more like chrome.....I washed the carburetors of course with tamiya panel line black. Engine is tamiya nato black with satin clear over About gallery I have them on www.modellismo.net/forum not all my gallery are here. Yesterday I lost 2-3 years of my life placing decals.... the don't react very well to softener and they are thick. Moreover for the fairing you have to align 3 at the same time.... I also had to cut the medium blu decal on the bottom cowl because of the air intake..... You will see a thin step of paint under the decal on rear cowl.... I will try to do better on the other side....
  21. Why if I tag your name I cannot write anymore? like this @John18D .... now I can write, in the previous post not and I cannot delete it
  22. Thanks @andrew59it isn’t it the real bike going like that? I’ve never had a chance to look at the real bike so not sure about it.
  23. Hello Than, great work, there is something strange on the front brake tube connections.... Usually the tubes turn back in the middle of the forks... Also the position of connectors seems wrong. Had you some problems with that stuff?
  24. Thanks John. Yes, like you said, this is the build I thought it’s the best among the other builds. From the chain building, exhaust heats staining, etc. I used the photo booth for taking photos so that’s why you see the white background like that.
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