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1/24 Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador Roadster with added extra

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Hi there folks now that I've finished the Ferrari, and I'm waiting on various parts drying on the Repsol Honda, I thought I would start my 2nd 1/24 car build. 

This time at the request of my son, it's Aoshima's 1/24 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster LP700-4 kit.

I'm going to add a few extras to this build first up is the DMC Transkit from C1 Models which consists of front and rear spoilers and side skirts.

Then I'll be adding aftermarket wheels from Hobby Design and their Khan Santagata design.

Also I'll be using Hobby Designs PE kit, which is quite comprehensive.

I've also got the upgraded rear suspension kit from Hobby Design

The last item raided from the Hobby Design catalogue is the metal decal kit, I used the same type of kit on the Ferrari, where I was pleased with the results.

The paint will be from Zero-Paints, these paints are excellent.
First off I'll use their recently released light grey primer

Now for the main paint I would like to paint it a Lamborghini grey colour which is Grigio Telesto

However my son and wife both like the Aventador White colour Bianco Canopus so that won.



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First off the unboxing of it, compared to the Revell Ferrari the amount of parts and level of detail is on a different planet. Revell needs to take a look at these kits and see what the market place requires and needs. 
Anyway here's the sprues which they are many for a 1/24 scale car.









The clear parts



I take these are rear light parts which are again amazingly detailed

The small parts that allow the doors to open

And the instructions which are tremendously detailed, again Revell take note

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First up and before I even bought the kit, I bought the PE kit, I've heard stories about building up these disks, and yes they did take several hours to build, but they are well worth it.
All the parts yes there are many

After several hours the result, to think how small these parts are the detail is amazing

Thanks for looking, and I hope I can do this kit justice.

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That's the main chassis built up, went together easily enough other than me dropping the damn thing arghhhhh. The result was much swearing and re-glueing of several parts.
The PE kit came with resin callipers which have amazing detail.
Anyway here's the front discs and callipers.

The rears

And the chassis

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That's the wheels build up and attached to the rolling chassis. I really do like these aftermarket wheels as I think they compliment the angular shape of the Lambo. They were painted in Vallejo Metal Color Magnesium and glossed over with Alclad2 Aqua Gloss. The badges in the centres are the Hobby Design Real Metal Logo decals.







Next up the engine

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The engine in its basic form. Compared to the Revell Ferrari engine well there is no comparison. As I've said before if one company can make an engine like this why can't others. Rant over lol.

Once all the parts were painted up using both Tamiya and Vallejo Metal Colors, the engine was built up to this. I haven't applied any washes to this one as I didn't think it needed it.



I then painted up the engine carrier/bay using good ole Tamiya Semi Gloss Black. This looks just like a cart don't you think.

I then fitted the engine it took me ages to realise that the engine is fitted off centre and to one side. Don't know why it does this but there must be a reason.


The piping/hoses then went in

Next up the rear suspension, now I bought the upgrade kit for this, but me being me didn't like how the PE on the centre section bent to shape. So I cannibalised both parts to make one good/reasonable part

Then all painted up, which I think looks better

And fitted to the engine bay


Next up was the cover. Again I didn't like the way the kit decal sat on the centre of the cover, it was far too thick and shiney. So I took a tracing of it and using the Scale Motorsport Carbon Decal sheet I made my own centre section decal. The one part I did use of the original decal was the V12 badge. I also used the Hobby Design metal Lambo badges. I then picked out the smallest bolt heads (about 0.4mm) from my 1/12 MotoGP assorted item kit and attached 4 of these to the carbon.

And fitted to the bay, this showed that the engine is sitting the correct way in the bay.


And fitted to the car chassis


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I mocked up the front and rear spoilers, it certainly looks a bit on the mean side. I didn't like the C1 models rear wing supports so I ordered an JDM aftermarket wing kit and used 2 of their supports which are much better.



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Next up is the interior which again is beautifully detailed.
I was going to paint it white and black, but this idea was hit on the head by my son, who's reaction was "yuck dad get a grip".
So black on black on black it is.
It's all painted in Tamiya Semi Gloss Black but coated in either gloss or matt clear varnish.

All the parts pre painting

The interior shell with the seats fitted

The instrument cluster

All the painted parts pre assembly, for the Lamborghini badges I used the real metal decals

And all assembled




And into the chassis it goes




And in the primered shell



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Hi folks, over the last week or so I've been battering on with the main body work. 
Here is all the pieces bar the engine cover which I forgot about....doh....

So after several coats of white Tamiya Primer, then several coats of Zero Paints Lamborghini Bianco Canopus Basecoat and Pearl, and finally several coats of Zero Paints pre mixed clear lacquer this is how it stands. I've also used Hobby Designs metal decal kit with the front and rear badges.
I must be getting better at applying the clear as the dreaded orange peel isn't as bad on it when I did the Ferrari. 
I'll leave it several days before wet sanding, compounding it and finally giving it a good wax.
Anyway I hope you like like it so far






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Now that the clear goat has had several days to dry, it's now time for the colour sanding, compounding and polish. I've only done a small section just to see how it would come up so here's the bonnet. 
On the first photo you can see the left side has been sanded and polished up

And the right side still to be done

Now on with the rest of it. So many nooks and crannies to sand I can feel this will try my patience.

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Nice start and its good to see how the Aoshima kits go so well together.


That paint looks really nice after its polished! Whats your techniques for polishing?


Keep up the amazing work dude!

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Cheers mate, glad you like it.

Once the paint has cured I'll go through several grades of micromesh, then I use Tamiya's compound, and finally I use Zero Paints pure Carnauba wax 

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I shall try micromesh next time I need to polish, I usually use rubbing compounds from car polishes but I am always keen to try new methods out :)

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Just make sure, you have put down enough clear down in the first place, and stay away from sharp edges and panel lines or be really careful. I normally start of and go through the following grades before I use the Tamiya compound. 3400-4000-6000-8000-12000. It takes a fair bit of time, but I think the end results are worth it.

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Thats more of the small fiddly stuff done on the Lambo.
The front and rear intake grills with the PE mesh have been fitted. The black roof. The rear side slats have been fitted, I could have had these in the open position but I didn't like the unsightly gap they left, and finally the small side glass sections.
The side glass came with templates so they were a breeze paint and to fit. The front headlights came with a decal for the white "Y" section. I felt the decal looked cheap so I masked off and hand painted the white section.





I'm now away out for weekend to do family stuff. Cheers for looking

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Well family stuff done so on with the Lambo.

First up was the rear lights, I thought the light clusters were a bit too bright, so I used some Tamiya Smoke and darkened then done a bit. I then fitted the clear lens cover, it looks like I've darkened the clear cover but I haven't, but it's gave me the effect I wanted.


Next up with the side air intake pods, I've still to put the PE mesh parts in.


Then the side skirts were put on

And finally I put the doors on to see if they fitted, and yeh despite hearing some horror story's they appear to fit, well at the moment they do lol.


Anyway that's it for the moment, thanks again for looking folks 

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That's the side pods finished with the PE grills



Bar the glass that's the doors finished

Tried the doors for fit, this would change once the body and chassis came together

The rear engine area all carboned up, I gave it several coats of Vallejo Satin Varnish. At last I've found a Satin Varnish that works

The chassis and body together, and yes the doors are off, so much for them fitted together, a fair bit of fettling is going to be required 


Thanks for looking, I can feel that getting the doors to fit is going to try my patience.

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That's looking great. The black parts really contrast well against the white body. I love the little details as well like the rear lights - really sets it apart!

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