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On 9/18/2018 at 3:30 AM, mueller said:

Thanks  Imster
As a template, I used Racers vol 6.
Turned parts(Tank Cap
not quite original) own production.



I really like this build, one day I plan to build this kit too so it is good to get some insight. Your tank cap looks great :)


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Just found this page today, I have finally decided to crack open my kit and build it, so looking around for inspiration. Which I found !!!   A couple of questions if that's OK - the Racers vol 6 is difficult to locate, can you offer any suggestions ? The kit has two fuel cap/fillers, what is the advantage having only one ? I can't quite see how you solved the throttle cables, suggestions ?  And the fuel lines;  the tank has what appears to be taps either side, what's the best routing ? One last question, that I'm sure you've been asked a million times, how did you simulate the weld lines on the chambers ? Thank you for your time and patience, whilst only an amateur, I love this kit and at the prices of them these days, I have one shot to do as best as I can with it. 


Kind regards,


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Thanks John .😀

Hi Simon 

I have searched and still get a few pictures for a WIP together.
If they still have interest I will start a short WIP and hope to answer their questions there.
Still have a few pictures with details I can provide them please by Messages

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