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Honda RC166 Tamiya 1/12

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Lol.... I'm working on the fairing..... but very slowly.....  I had a lot of trouble with the white decal in the front as this time tamiya decal are not good as usual... they don't cover very well and you cannot use decal set as it melt them.... So the result  was very poor and I had to sand, mask and paint probably 20 times to make it by airbrush.... I also ordered a second sheet of decal to double the yellow ones and the white number....

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My last effort in sanding, masking and painting... I have done with decals on so very  stressful....




And the decals.... I doubled them because very translucent....












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On 3/6/2021 at 4:34 AM, John18D said:

Andrea - you did a great job on the RC166


Where did you get the "circle cutter" from  - Can you PM me the URL link for it??




On aliexpress.... it was the cheaper one



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