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Honda '86 NSR500 1/12 Rothmans

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Hi All, Happy New Year.


Started a quick build of Wayne Gardner's 1986 NSR500. I'm using the Factory Colour kit from Tamiya (kit 14099). It's starting to show it's age, but is a fun build so far.


I'm using Decalpool decals to portray Gardners mount. There was an issue with them which I didn't see until I was using them... the black border surrounding the rear number panel was half missing and there was a smattering of red - perhaps a dirty ink jet?. I let them know online and they sent me a new set free of charge. They arrived from Hong Kong in under three weeks - so very good customer service I must say. They are also of very, very good quality. They moulder to the surface very well and took some punishment when moving and burnishing. I highly recommend.


Won't be too many photos, I'm already well along, but hadn't been here for a while so thought I'd put these up! Apologies for poor iPhone photos!






I used Gravity (Spain) GC164 Honda Rothmans Blue over decanted Tamiya TS26, then cleared with Gravity (Spain) 2k. Very happy with the finish this time. I have "flatted" the fairing in the photo below, and polished the tank and rear body.




I also have the starting rider figure and Garner decals to display the bike similar to the below.

Gardner Spencer.jpg

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1 hour ago, mueller said:

Very nice build so far .
And thanks for the assessment of the Decalpool decals.
Everything worked out with the clearcoat this time.

Thanks @mueller. Yes, clearcoat went down very well this time (I think previously error must have been between airbrush and chair!) . In fact I'm very, very happy with it. Was excellent to work with... I used 6000 and 8000 grit laplos sheets. Came up very well.

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Posted (edited)

Small update.... almost finished...







Getting the chambers on is tricky... one side is too far from the swing arm, the other is hard up against it...



I'm using Top Studio's cable adjusters for fun and practice







I used Hasegawa Mirror Sheet on the fork legs, again, first time using it. Very happy with the finish.


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