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New build on the bench starting next week. 


Hasegawa 1/12 1989 Rothmans Honda NSR500, Wayne Gardner #2. I will be using the Hobby Design detail up set and Top Studio cable tensioners. I will paint with Gravity (Spain) Honda Rothmans Blue (GC164). 


 Looks to be a complicated kit, but I'm looking forward to it very much.




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Ok, have made a start. It's that time where you start to feel out how the kit may come together. 


As always, I start with the body panels. I like to get them together then fill, sand, prime and base coat etc whilst putting the engine and frame together.


So body work is off the sprue and taped together ready for work on the weekend. So far, the fit feels good, the plastic a little more brittle than the usual Tamiya plastic, but the same as the YZR500 I built last year. Looking good so far. It doesn't look like there will be too much filling, although the tank is made of 5 parts! Definite filling there.


Mould lines on the top cowl have sanded back easily so far....


Disappointingly there are a few parts which have come off the runners in transit. The rear brake mechanism and gear selector, which are extremely fine parts, have broken in transit. Not surprising I guess as all parts are packaged in one plastic bag... ho hum... let's see.how well I can improvise 🙂


Really looking forward to this build.




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Posted (edited)

Actual glue this time 😉


There's a bit of flash to clean up, but the cowl has gone together reasonably well.


There will be filling.......








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I broke almost all the pin of the Suzuki GSX750 where the tubes are connected.... very thin and fragile....

In the next suzuki (RG400) or Kawasaki 500 I think I will replace all with metal rods.... it's very complicated replace them when they break on pieces already installed just because you touched a tube

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A little more progress. After filling (with Tamiya putty, I previously used a sprue goo mix, but lately it has been leaving ghost seams I cannot remove..) and sanding back the seams, I have primed to check my work. 


Still some spots to fill and further flatten out. Happy with progress so far.....










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