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    Hi, Thank you very much. Decisive assembly if any, the engine is assembled with the chassis. Assy is done with Loctite 401 and reinforced, as usual, with screws, washers and bolts. The inside of the bathtub is done, the seat is finally installed as the side water pipe and the gear selector. The fuel valve is installed. I made and temporary installed the soft fuel cell. We call it Bladder for aircrafts... It was not modeled by MFH and, even if the polished metal part is nice, the front end was too empty for my taste. The fuel cell fills the both sides and the front body above the pilot legs. I made it from self amalgamating tape which depicts pretty well the rubber bladder. Then, rivets.. I finally installed about 300 and need around 300 more. So I primed, painted and varnished those ...300 rivets. Wheels done and Balancing weights installed, made of... Lead. More soon. Pascal
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    Wow, thats looks great. I'm very impressed with your model making.
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    Hi I decided to make the fuel cells connection faucet. It's made of white metal and a spare / modified distributor. Working on the dashboard. installed the lower body part is now done and weathered All the body parts are now fully dry. White dust is coming from the varnish dust while reopening the rivet holes. The CAVALLINO is installed on the nose and the original decal is replaced by an "enamelled" badge from an old MFH reference. Fit test of the front area. Starting the riveting process... Ainsi que sur les platines d'ancrage des tirants de suspension: More soon! Pascal
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    It's hard to tell before the clear is on unless you test with a white spoon. You really only have TS8 or TS39 I think it is - the "bright red" or using something like Tamiya acrylic X-7 - not sure if you have the newer lacquer paints by Tamiya - the LP- 10ml paint pots down under yet? They have them in Asia and the UK and parts of the EU The LP paint pots still haven't arrived here in the USA - we have a bunch of BS regulations that require Tamiya to put warning labels on all their paints etc etc here in the USA that slow down the arrival of products - we blame most of this on California and their paranoia of everything causing cancer - lol if you live long enough everything causes cancer it is part of life and the fact that when RNA replicates in our cells a small piece of the RNA transcription is left off and doesn't copy - eventually resulting in mutation and then "cancers" - but the people in California think if they just regulate enough we will live forever. lol John I have always appreciated the spirit of you Aussies - you blokes don't need a sign that says-"Don't feed the crocodiles" - here in the USA the idiots need a sign or they want to file a lawsuit against someone for not warning them - lol
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    This car has an FIA roll bar fitted - the kit comes with an old style roll bar you often see on Japanese cars for some reason - and of course the R500's had full cages. I printed this using a slightly different support method for the printed parts - usually you place many small supports, but these can lead to a lot of marks that need to be removed, or worse, 'sagging' of the resin around the parts. So for these thin 'rods' I instead drew a thing 'fin' in the solidworks model - this would provide support all along the length of the bar, and be easy to sand off once printed - it worked well. Test fitting... So that is where I am as of now...the photos below show most of the parts so far started 'assembled' loosely - nothing is fixed into position here, so it all looks a bit wonky! Next stage is probably to aim to fix the engine into place, once I am sure everything else has been done that will be much harder to access once the engine is in.
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    Really sweet build Imram and great pictures too I have this one in the stash with all the RB Motion bits too Cheers John
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    Well here it is, about 18 month after I started it. One of my most detailed builds to date. Thanks to everyone that followed along with the WIP. I really enjoyed this build and tried to go all-out with it. I decided early on to display it with the bonnet off, and also to have the front wheels off so the suspension and brake details can be seen.
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    Last time, I did ruin the electric box cover. Now I fix it by any means I could. Repainting the yellow area to reflect the decals and applying some left decals I still have. More over while waiting for the miro mesh I ordered to arrive, I applied another layer of clear coat. Then they would be ready to be polished once they are dry. You will see decals won’t fix well on some parts. That’s st27 issue. I tried my best to reposition them. Anyway I’m still happy to finish the decals work.
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    I finally got a chance to catch up on this build, very nice work on creating the weld lines, you should be almost finished soon?
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    Great work, the preparation of the white metal is definitely not easy, I can imagine .
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    Final build photos are up on the site here. I’ll get a final review video up soon.
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    No, rain tires with stell brake disc
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