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    Hi, Thank you very much Last details added yesterday... I can call this one done today. Sorry for the poor quality pictures... It’s late, night, tired and lazy to catch the reflex. I will try to take better ones tomorrow. Voilà. Pascal
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    Oh wow @Griffo_Aus that Yamaha machine is also charming. I have one but mine is US inter-coloring edition. 😁
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    Hi, Thank you. I finished the rear brakes this evening. Everything is modified and scratched to match my doc. The cockpit is finished and the upper part of the hull will be glued. I also added the welds at the junction of the exhaust pipes and the 3 in 1. Then we have to deal with the front ... Pascal
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    Bonjour, A bit of cleaning in the working area... Front end progress with radiator mounts and air scoops. Rear completed with anti roll bar and exhausts. More soon. Pascal
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    Slow progress on this build for some reason. Decals all done, need to let them dry, then clean up before clearing coating with Gravity 2K. First time I will be using this clear coat. Have also made a start of the large amount of carbon fibre work to be done. Will spray this with satin clear.
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    After a long time the fairing is ready.... just the rivets and the pe missing Made a stand to display the bike naked....
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    Here is my latest completed build. Modified with RC30 wheels, brakes and suspension. Scratch built suspension mounts and exhaust. Tamiya racing blue paint with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking Lee
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