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    Aqui foi a minha primeira experiência com um carro de F1, participei de um concurso aqui no Brasil entre amigos de modelos, onde o tema seria F1, gostei muito e espero que você também goste. Sandro
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    Bringing it up to date now, I got the chassis and engine bay complete. Rear subframe detail painted and attached. You can just see the air ducts from the S27 set tucked in there Front end also had some air ducts. I opted to use SMS cf decal for the undertray and applied an oil wash over the silver part to break up what would otherwise be a boring silver panel Overall view of the chassis. MFH heat shield material was used in the central tunnel Onto the brakes. Studio 27 provide some really nicely cast white metal centre parts. These were fitted with their PE disk faces and the white metal calipers. They also provide a spring and upright for the shocks so these replaced the moulded kit parts Onto the engine bay. S27 CF decals are heavily used in this area. A mix of gloss and matt clears were used to replicate the real car. I've also made a start on adding some extra wires and details in here Air box cover added. More CF decals and HD mesh Having looked at a number of reference photos, there are a number of electrical cables noticeable by their absence in the kit. After a bit of thought, I decided to add these, both under the airbox and along the side of the air hose in the photos above Final shot shows some really nice PC cable ties from @Scalelabmodels which finish off the engine bay nicely. I chose to use blacken-it on these, rather than paint, but it's apparent in the photos they need a bit more attention. This will be rectified for the next update.
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    Hello friends , I made this model to hum Event Participate In Brazil , where the theme was Porsche , so I decided to make this small tribute to this great rider , VR46 . Sandro
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    I feel like I've been slacking a bit with the updates on this, but I've not really had much to show. I've painted the wheels and applied the rim decals. I also got the fairings painted and decaled, and then all of it clear coated with Zero 2k clear. Here are the fairings. I will try and get some photos up of where I'm at with the rest of it soon.
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    Here is my finished Revell 67 Corvette. Built box stock apart from the wheels from the Revell 32 ford. painted Tamiya Titanium gold over silver with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking. Lee
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    This last update should bring me up to date - I decided to do a video for doing the carbon body, as I'd had a few requests for this:
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    So what started off as a basic, ‘out of the box’ build of the new Tamiya kit, it turned into something more. The kit just begged for extra detail to be added and I had to oblige. Thanks to everyone who followed along the WIP, but to highlight, Zero paints used pretty much throughout with my own paint job on it, finished with 2K diamond clear amd polished up. A few extra wires were added and the kit wires replaced for more accurate scaled equivalent. A bunch of Top Studio, Hobby Design and T2M nuts, bolts and PE heads were fitted throughout. Magnets replace the screws for the fairings and the rest were either covered up or replaced with aluminium tube.
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    Bit lazy on updating this post, but I've now got all the interior complete. Captions with the pictures below to show the progress I started off with the wiring. I'd previously removed the moulded in wires, so first job was to replace these with braided line. I'm not sure of the brand as I just have a variety stashed in a box. The electrical boxes were replaced with items from the Hobby Design detail set. These have a lot more life than the Tamiya part, although if needed I'm sure they could be detailed up sufficiently. The adjuster for the anti-roll bar linkage was replaced with photo etch parts from the HD set, with the handles cut from the kit part. A lot of my reference photos showed a kill switch in front and centre. As this is quite a key area, I decided to scratch build my own. All the base and switch are made from sheet styrene and shaped to match my references. I drilled a 0.2 mm hole in the kill switch for the securing wire to feed through. The fire extinguisher was an after market item from Hobby Design. Not necessarily 100% right to this car, but again, a not of reference photos had them located behind the drivers seat, and as the area was quite bare, I decided to add one in. Pedal assembly all installed, along with kit plates from the Hobby Design set and air jacks from Studio 27. I decided to attack the gear stick as the centre rod was nowhere near round, so I replaced this with aluminium tubing. While it was in pieces, I added a couple of hex washers either side to finish it off. Onto the seat - after covering the seat with microballoons and painted matt black, the hardware was added from the HD set. The belts were made from 2mm ribbon from Ebay and the logos from Studio 27. Onto the dash - a lot of work on this. I replaced all the switches with items from Hobby Design, both from their detail set and aftermarket items. I also removed the moulded in air vents and scratch built my own Almost complete... Last part to be detailed were the door panels. Being it's a race car, these are pretty bland, but still had room for improvement. After painting, I decided to use Bare Metal Foil to make to main door panels and then added a PE plate from the HD set to the rear door panel and around the front door handle. The window winder that was moulded in didn't look great, so more scratch building was undertaken to make a new one. Seat belt harness rear mount points All finished off now
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    I finally finished this motorcycle. I used some top studio 27 details, connections, electrical connectors, chain set, and some other details. Hope you like it!
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    Update!!! I was in a little bit of a rush when doing the photos due to the competition deadline, so the photos were way too vivid and bright. I managed to find some time to take some new photos that are a much better representation of the actual car
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    Good evening, Few progress on the Red Roaring Beauty! Riveting the bathtub and the bulkhead is now done. The wooden shifter knob is clear coated and test fitting is mandatory for the engine/cockpit/body subassembly. Nothing more for today. More soon Pascal
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    Good evening Modelers, I worked a bit on the small metal tanks and others parts that need to be cleaned and polished. Fuel filter/distributor and water expansion tank. I also made a quick test of the pedals on the front bulkhead. Pascal
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    Next update brings us up to date as I get the engine and rear suspension mounted into the frame. So far, nothing untoward as you would expect with a modern Tamiya kit. I decided to re-work the rear brake lines to incorporate the ABS system that these bikes have. I started out with making a mount from sheet styrene then used some spare wire I had and some braided line. I fitted a couple of PE hex nuts to the wire to simulate the fixing points and finished it off with an RB Motion banjo fitting on top of the master cylinder. SMS carbon fibre decal was placed over the rear undertray and the cleared with Zero 2k diamond clear followed by sanding flat and machine polishing. Another video is also online for this stage:
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    WIP can be found here: Honda NSR500 '84 Detail Up Sets Used: Hobby Design Detail Up Set Top Studio Clutch Set Top Studio Steering Damper Top Studio Chain Set Decals: Tamiya Kit Decals Tabu Option Decal (for the Michelin logo on the rear swingarm) Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, Tamiya Kit Tubing and Sakatsu Solder Wire Paint: Alclad Metalizers (Frame, and Components) Tamiya Semi Gloss Black TS-29 Decanted (Engine, Front Uprights, Wheel Rims) Alclad Grey Primer Zero Paints Honda NSR500 '84 Red and White (Cowlings) Tamiya TS15 Blue (Cowlings) Zero Paints 2K Clear This build was also featured on the front cover of Tamiya Model Magazine's June 2018 Issue number 272, with an eight page write up of the build etc
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    I've just uploaded some photos in the Completed Section Here for those that want to have a look. I'll just leave this photo here as a teaser:
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    Outro carro finalizado, desta vez para o Ford GT 1966 Fujimi, arruela usada nos bancos, cerca de 250 aproximadamente e cintos de segurança, e outros pequenos detalhes em PE. Sandro
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    WIP Can be found here: Tyrrell Ford 003 WIP Detail Up Sets Used: EJan DFV Funnel set Decals: Kit decals (Jackie Stewart) Nuts and Bolts: T2M and Top Studio Wiring and Cables: T2M, AZRM and MFH Paint: Alclad Metalizers (Engine and Components) Alclad Grey Primer Zero Paints Tyrrell Blue Zero Paints 2K Clear
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    These were a collaboration project with Peter Wingfield from Scale Auto Art. I built these in about 3 weeks. It was a daunting task and I was up many late nights. The kit needs a lot of work to be a presentable model. The roof is molded separately so it aids in painting the complicated paint scheme. Trouble is the seams where the roof glues to the quarters has to be eliminated AFTER it is painted! I used epoxy putty to blend the seams and after careful sanding I blended the red back in. Once in clear the seams were eliminated. Once the car is done it does represent the 1:1 quite well. I did two of them at one time this is one of the two I built. Thanks!!
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    Thx guys, Progressing slowly with the build and although not many photos taken I thought I would update with the progress. Some hasty camera phone pics taken tonight hopefully illustrate at least what has been achieved since the last update. So the exhaust has been fitted along with springs and painted a mix of Alclad blue, violet and smoke over a chrome base. Silencer is from the kit and not accurate for an Arrow exhaust but close enough and this has an oil wash. The radiator and oil cooler fitted and plumbed, the near side having heat tape added. The first set of HT leads and scratched ignition coil and the catch tank added to the rear subframe. Radiator cap has 2 wires added, the first for the temperature sender and second for the overflow to be plumbed later. Carbs have been added and the intake stacks used from the Williams FW14 which are close and aluminium foil inserted into the void to simulate the butterflies. Again apologies for the blurry photos but just to show work is still progressing Cheers Doc
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    Outra Ducati terminou, faltava as fotos. Neste modelo, usei os detalhes do Top Studio, os garfos de tamiya e os exaustos do conjunto de detalhes Hobby Design. Sandro
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    My 6yr old daughter keeps asking me to get her a kit to build, so after having a look around for a cheap, basic kit I settled on this one. This will be the second kit she's build, the first one being a really bad kit of a Lamborghini Jota. This is her with the new kit: and one with her first build: Everything from now on I will let Layla photograph and post.
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    Yes I will as soon as I get it. I can not wait to choose my next one. Thanks I'm very pleased with it. Hear is me drilling my exhaust pipe before spraying it with paint.
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    Hi folks just finished my 3rd bike, overall this is a great kit and goes together very well, however the decals can only be described as a nightmare. Anyway here is the details of the kit and all the bits and bobs added on. Kit - 1/12 Tamiya Honda RC213V Repsol Marc Marquez Exterior Paint - Zero Paints Honda Repsol Paint kit, and 1K Pre-Mixed Clear Lacquer Frame, Engine etc Paint - Tamiya Acrylic, Vallejo Model Air, and Vallejo Metal Color Detail Parts - Blue-Stuff "Dani Pedrosa Brno GP" decals and resin, Tamiya Front Fork Detail-Up kit, Studio27 PE kit (rubbish kit, only a couple of pieces used), Top Studio 5mm Exhaust Springs, Top Studio Hex Axle Nuts, Top Studio Assorted Detail Kit, Carbon Decal sheets from Scale Motorsport, TBD Decals Tyre Markings, Top Studio Exhaust Sensor, Top Studio Shift Linkage, and Top Studio Foot Rests. Anyway thanks for looking, I hope you like it Again thanks for looking cheers
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    Thanks guys for your replies Yes 44 I like to put my 'own' little touches into a build just to be different but obviously when your building a replica you can't really do too much to it so the trick is to do bits you won't really see but I know I've done it!!! I've now fitted the wheels and just for a mock up pic I put some of the body on and to be fair you don't really see the colour changes I've made... Antonio...I have no plans for making the bonnet or boot to be openable as I want it to be an oob build with just a little splattering of pe included...I'm not big on all these modifying parts...I prefer them to be simple builds that look good!!! Thanks Ade
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    So - remember, not finished - quite! Spot the loose rivet! ...I expect that is almost that for this thread! YEAH!!!! Thank you SOOO much for following...my first MFH (and indeed finished kit for decades!) and I have learned so much from loads of you guys on here, wither through looking at your superb models, or from you guys answering my questions - cheers! I will do a 'conclusion' post as well - highlighting any problems with the kit, issues I had, tips, errors, corrections etc etc...
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    This is my model kit and these are my model bits. This is me washing some of the parts of the kit. these are my interior bits. this is me painting my interior bits. From Layla Hall.
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    Here my Ducati Panigale Senna, was used to define the detail of the Top Studio, the Tamiya forks, and the windshield and vacumform of the Decalcas Sandro
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    Well here I present you my finished (almost...a build is never finished I don't think!!!hahaha) tamiya scott redding marc vds honda rc213v build for the honda group build...not the best pictures I agree but when the weather is a bit nicer I hope to take some better ones!!! Right so it started out as a tamiya marc marquez on da rc213v kit and well there wasn't a hope in hell I was going to do a #93 bike!!!hahaha Right so the important stuff...zero paints marc vds honda rc213v paint set was used for the bodywork and wheels...zero paints aluminium for the frame and swingarm...various shades and made up colours to do the small stuff using a hairy stick and a variety of humbrol and tamiya acrylic paint's!!! The tamiya detail up fork kit was used as I always do on my builds if at all possible!!! Tyre decals are by tb decals (bought off ebay!!!) Decals are designed by pitwall and printed by cartographso very good quality!!!I used alclad translucent blue on the exhausts and tamiya weathering set d and well I suppose that's about it!!! Hope you like her...
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    Thanks guys - couldn't resist a quick mock-up this afternoon.
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    Finally getting around to posting something!! This is the Yamaha M1 Factory colors Edwards bike I built with the Top Studio M1 Detail kit. It was a blast building this one. A bit tedious at times but well worth it! Rundown of parts used. Top Studio 2005 Detail up kit Various Photo etch bolts and nuts Tamiya and Alclad paints. I made the display base from a picture frame with a piece of carbon fiber vinyl as the base. I thoroughly enjoyed this build and will do more of them in the future in this way with the bike naked.
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    Sorry for the late reply Imster, I have been mostly focussing on the NSR lately. It's a typical revell kit. Cheap white plastic (not sure if it's styrene) soft detail in certain areas, but very good decals. They go on without any fuss, they don't tear and they take micro set and sol without any problem. Good value for money if you're looking for a no fuss build. Don't expect Tamiya quality, but then again it costs almost half of a decent Tamiya kit. I've made some progress with the chassis but honestly this one will never win any prizes. The exterior has been painted with the appropriate zero paints C5-R blue and the decals have all been applied. I'm going to wait with clearcoating it untill I can combine it with the NSR and another small kit I'm working on.
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    Obviously the wheels are totally different. Kit comes with minilite-style alloys with pretty normal tyres - probably around 14-15" R500 has 13" wheels, split rims and magnesium hubs, and ACB10 tyres - or slicks. Back when I started the kit I got a friend to draw up the wheel centres in 3D CAD ..and used a fancy milling machine to cut some centers. After testing in metal, we actually made them in styrene. Came out great - one of the jobs I have to do now I am restarting these kits is the rest of the wheels - rims and tyres. Not sure how yet. Probably 3D printer - maybe get some machined...we'll see. And finally, in order to bring us up to date - the dashboard. The plastic dash in the kit is nothing like the race car - which has a Stack dash, electrical cut-off switches and knobs etc etc - and of course each car was different. So I started by cleaning all the details off the model dash. The with the wonders of photoshop, I made some images of each dash and scaled it to the right size, stick them on the plastic dashes and started to make the detail, using wire, cut plastic tubes etc. And that, my friends, is pretty much where I had got to! One of the big hold ups was how to make the carbon race seats - they are only about 4mm thick in 1/1 scale, and rather curvy. I had no idea how I was going to make them - learn some 3D CAD and use a 3D printer - maybe now, 10 years later, the technology is more accessible. The comfy - but old style seat from the kit. So now, 12 years after I started, and about 10 years since I last did anything with them, I am starting again! Everything from now on is current work! The big jobs are: The seats! wheels & tyres interior decals - lots of race decals I started with the dash...
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    This is just a progress album to show you all at what stage I'm currently at during this build, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I've made a matching rider which is visible in one or two photos, there are a few mods I've done during this build such as pe chain and pe radiator mesh aftermarket nsr500 yasuni end cans and exhaust springs. Still lots of work to do such as all the decals on the front fairing and clear coating it all when done.
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    This is my first Automotive build. Tamiya kit, HobbyDesign PE set, Tamiya CF decal set, and some wiring of my own.. The only issue I had was the HD brake calipers did not fit comfortably in the Tamiya wheels, and the wheels had to be turned on the lathe. Otherwise, it was a very enjoyable 60-day build.. Enjoy Marco
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    Hi Mates, The envy gradually returns... The Ferrari emblem area is masked in order to avoid thickness before installing the part which comes from an older MFH kit: thicker and recovered by a thin smooth plastic layer. Preparation of the front parts. Difference between parts done and TBD. Tanks temporarily installed: A bit closer Coils and ignition system done: Exhaust Test fit: Pascal
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    Ever since I built the original Tamiya Yamaha R1 about 10 years ago I’ve been hopijg they would release a new model. Earlier this year thst finally happened, with the new R1M being announced in May 2018 at a show in Japan. As soon as it showed up on retail sites I had my pre-order in. Finally it arrived this week, so I got stuck straight in!
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    This is a big deal!! My FIRST post in a 'finished' section after multiple 'WIP' threads!! Build diary here
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    Next update! Between the intake trumpets sits an electrical box, I assume it is linked to the distributor and other electrical parts. When I looked at the kit part I saw that it was poorly casted and would be very difficult to paint and get a good result, so I decided to modify the part and also add lots of wiring to it. This is how the part started, as you can see the connectors and the plug cap are all one piece. To get a good result it’s necessary to cut off the plug cap and connectors and scratchbuild them So starting with cutting off the distributor cap You can see how rough and poorly casted the surface is The surface was filed and wet sanded flat to accomodate the modified parts I made the connectors out of styrene (0.5mm thick) The new distributor cap was turned on my lathe Here it is all complete! I’m really annoyed with myself for not taking photos of all the scratchbuild parts before they were attached.... Sometimes I get on a roll and don’t think to stop and take photos! The small connector wires are 0.1mm painted with a marker, and the larger yellow wire is 0.4mm thick. All that is left to do is to polish the box surfaces and its ready for installation! Next on the task list was to work on the engine. Lots of enhancements were undertaken including cam covers were enhanced with turned bolts, engine block was painted and given an oil wash, the fuel metering unit was completed and plumbed in, distributor cables installed. Here is an example of the importance of washes and shading, this is a photo of the engine block with just paint on it (TS-30) Here is the same part after an oil wash, notice how the details of the engine stand out more, it may not seem much but once the model is completed it makes it all look much more realistic Here's a side by side comparison Added plumbing from the mechanical fuel pump through the filter and into the engine A little exploded view of some of the engine parts before they were cleaned up and painted/modified Cam covers, here you can see I’ve already cut off the moulded in bolts and drilled my holes Paint on, and then I scraped off the paint to show the FORD logo Cam cover complete, the bolts were given a darker colour by dipping them in blackening solution Cam covers installed Another close up of the cam covers, I did a pin wash on the bolt heads, not instantly noticeable but the difference is there Fuel metering unit complete, painted and plumbing ready Fuel metering unit installed Distributor cabling, the wires were installed as per the firing order on the 1:1 car Distributor cabling complete, I wrapped the wires to recreate the tape they used to keep the cables tidy Side view showing the various pumps on the side of the engine as well as the breathing tubes that run from the cam cover down. These tubes were only present on the early DFV engines as there were some engine breathing difficulties in the early days And here is the result, electrical box installed, engine ready for the fuel lines to be installed, I've photographed it next to a tamiya paint bottle to give an idea of the scale of the parts More updates coming soon!
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    Hey all! So I am venturing into the world of 1/12 F1 cars and in light of our recent launch of Scaleworks365.com I decided to build something pretty special and exclusive only to this forum and nowhere else as will be pretty much my plan going forwards anyways! This build might be a long term build depending on how I go and possible short periods of burnout lol. I was hoping to make it extremely detailed but due to lack of tools I am unable to manufacture my own parts so I am left with purchasing detail up sets. So I managed to get a few detail up sets so it will have a fair bit done to it over the standard kit but not as much as I had hoped to add originally. That said I will be probably using this build as a 'practice' for another extreme detailed build sometime in the future. This is not to say that this build will be sub par, I plan to make this one test all my abilities and push my learning curve as well! The plan is to scratch build quite a few parts (styrene parts) and obviously add turned nuts and bolts, I also have a distinct hatred of Tamiya phillips head screws so I will be covering them up or replacing them with more realistic bolts and fittings. Plumbing will be a huge challenge as there is tonnes of wiring going in every direction! I have a brake and suspension detail up set as well as a PE set too, I will also be recreating the electrical connectors and I might even have a go at creating my own decals as there are a few that I require for this build that aren't included in the kit. In terms of authenticity, I will to the best of my ability build it as the car was raced, from what I have learned so far the Tamiya kit has quite a few errors and some of them I will rectify and others I might just leave as they are. An example of what Tamiya got wrong is that they mixed up the Renault engine parts quite a bit between the RS3 and the RS4, the RS4 injectors were totally different to the RS3 but Tamiya used the RS3 style instead of the correct RS4. Whether or not I will be able to rectify this issue remains to be seen! Detail up parts I will be using are from Thunder Valley F1 (TVF1), I was weary before ordering from this company as I heard loads of rumours about issues etc. I took a leap of faith and ordered from them. Although not the greatest when it comes to getting the parts made and posted, the guy who runs it seems to be a good natured person. In my case I ordered the full complement of parts for the FW14b from their site, I received everything except for half of the suspension set and and a few other parts, despite being told that everything would come together I am still waiting for the rest of the suspension set as well as a couple of other parts but I should hopefully be getting them soon! Nothing like the feeling of parting with your money and being held ransom from that point onwards!! This will also be my first build in my new house with my new workshop! It is much larger and I have much more deskspace which will help with this kit as its pretty large! Heres some pics of my workshop: More updates to come soon!!
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    Another Ducati finished, this time a Panigale in the 2013 SBK version, Chaz Davis pilot, Tamiya kit with CGM Modulo transkit, Top Studio detail set and Top Studio broadcast chains as well. Sandro
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    Interior is all finished now. About 50 hours in this to get it to this stage. Using the Hobby Design set to give it most of the details, I scratch built the door panels, added some wires and heat shrink to the roll cage and Scale Motorsport carbon Kevlar decals. Then added some microballoons to the seat fronts and steering wheel to give them some texture.
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    Hi folks that's the i8 finished. Overall it was a decent kit, but I was a bit disappointed by some of the details which I felt was quite poor. Here's the details of this kit. Kit -1/24 Revell BMW i8 Scale - 1/24 Paint Exterior - Zero Paints BMW Ionic Silver, Zero Paints 2K Diamond Finish Clear Lacquer Paint Interior and Chassis - Mixture of Tamiya and Vallejo Acrylics Extras - Plamoz BMW Turbine Wheels, Hobby Design PE kit, Scale Motorsport Carbon Decals. So that's it, despite the kit being quite poor I enjoyed the build and despite a load of other personal issues it's probably the quickest I've built a car kit. So I hope you like the car and here it is. (Pics not the best as my DSLR was playing up so I took these on my iPhone) I hope you all like it, and thanks for looking.
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    Work has been progressing on the GSXR and almost complete apart from oil wash and few detail pieces to add. The tank will eventually have my sponsors name just not got around to printing yet. Managed to form a new screen and omitted the rev counter as I never ran with one since the gravel trap ate mine at paddock bend, Brands Hatch! 29 was my race number and I will get some better photos when I complete. Cheers Doc (Next up RC30.....)
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    after 1 month I'm back to show some little progress... only test fitted the rear suspensions (made it two times 'cause I had a mistake with the hole diameters) and the radiators system. I've trouble with it, don't allign really good, but also the kit preview don't, i will try to do my best. I also must to repair the wrong stirred spring, have someone any tips to do it?
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    Thanks mate! No it's the 'flour technique' I'm always using for making seats and stuff. just spray the part in the color it should be, dip it into some flours blow it of, spray it again in the color you'd like, ready! Easy as that! Cheers, Martijn
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    That's the finish results. I hope it will be interesting for you. More photos and another my projects you could find at Instagram @plastic_garage
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    I always admire your CF work you are very good at doing it, I haven't tried KA CF decals but I think I might get some after seeing this build. As for the TS stuff, it looks great but the key for the detail up sets is the cleanliness of the work and that you have achieved without a doubt! Awesome work and huge thanks for sharing this with us
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    Amazing what a decal and a bit of work with silver (and gold) pens can do!!
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    Very cool. I'm with Imster, they need to make more road bike kits.
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