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  1. Maybe magnets could hold those engine housings? I have 2 copies of this kit, nice progress!!
  2. I've been trying to do this for two years! Nice outcome, I'm sure they were time-consuming. Did you get a CNC Sherline? Also, most of the axles I made fit ok with current PE sets, but I did not make threaded axles I just made a nut that was glued onto the axle, once the subassembly was finalized. Congrats!!
  3. Great result! I esp like the chain, rotors, swingarm, and engine close ups... they really stand out as expertly done
  4. Might have had a condition called Hasagawa Syndrome. I'm experiencing it presently, ? Poor parts fit, nearly impossible wiring connections, cryptic instructions lol!
  5. Loved watching this build! Fine work there on the TS detail set, actually made it look easy!!
  6. Very clever! I use my lathe for this too... Very clean work on that wheel too! Is this bike one I'd need to make a special rear axle for? Just wondering...
  7. Hey Doc, did I also send you two 3/8" black socket cap screws? the red 1/2" ones were for the front frame support.. let me know
  8. This is looking fabulous! Nice mods all around and great scratchbuilding!
  9. Awesome topic, I saw this movie growing up, wonderful that Herbie is still loved. Watching your build now..
  10. This is going soon very well! Looks great, and the videos are a major plus! Love to know how you suspended your video camera, seems like its the very same point of view we would be seeing.. Nice!
  11. Spectacular build 44! I'm just catching up to these final shots, so well photographed too! Congrats!
  12. Same here! Very nicely done, a real valuable addition to your collection!
  13. Great looking progress! Can anyone suggest a lube for these chains, I'd love to make one that rolls easily...
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