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  1. MarcoMoto

    Aoshima CB400 Four

    Maybe magnets could hold those engine housings? I have 2 copies of this kit, nice progress!!
  2. I've been trying to do this for two years! Nice outcome, I'm sure they were time-consuming. Did you get a CNC Sherline? Also, most of the axles I made fit ok with current PE sets, but I did not make threaded axles I just made a nut that was glued onto the axle, once the subassembly was finalized. Congrats!!
  3. MarcoMoto

    Honda 2003 RC211V ‘Valencia’

    Great result! I esp like the chain, rotors, swingarm, and engine close ups... they really stand out as expertly done
  4. MarcoMoto

    Hasegawa 'Elf' Honda NSR500

    Might have had a condition called Hasagawa Syndrome. I'm experiencing it presently, ? Poor parts fit, nearly impossible wiring connections, cryptic instructions lol!
  5. MarcoMoto

    Hasegawa 'Elf' Honda NSR500

    Loved watching this build! Fine work there on the TS detail set, actually made it look easy!!
  6. MarcoMoto

    Honda RC30

    Very clever! I use my lathe for this too... Very clean work on that wheel too! Is this bike one I'd need to make a special rear axle for? Just wondering...
  7. MarcoMoto

    GSXR750 Racebike

    Fabulous work Doc!!
  8. MarcoMoto

    GSXR750 Racebike

    Hey Doc, did I also send you two 3/8" black socket cap screws? the red 1/2" ones were for the front frame support.. let me know
  9. MarcoMoto

    GSXR750 Racebike

    This is looking fabulous! Nice mods all around and great scratchbuilding!
  10. MarcoMoto

    Tamiya Beetle 'Herbie'

    Awesome topic, I saw this movie growing up, wonderful that Herbie is still loved. Watching your build now..
  11. MarcoMoto

    Tamiya LaFerrari with HD set

    This is going soon very well! Looks great, and the videos are a major plus! Love to know how you suspended your video camera, seems like its the very same point of view we would be seeing.. Nice!
  12. MarcoMoto


    Brilliant! Thanks!
  13. MarcoMoto

    Red Bull Yamaha YRZ500

    Spectacular build 44! I'm just catching up to these final shots, so well photographed too! Congrats!
  14. MarcoMoto


    Same here! Very nicely done, a real valuable addition to your collection!
  15. MarcoMoto

    1/12 Tamiya Ducati 1199

    Great looking progress! Can anyone suggest a lube for these chains, I'd love to make one that rolls easily...
  16. MarcoMoto

    Hasegawa Yamaha YZR500 Lucky Strike 1988

    Beautifully done! Any other aftermarket parts? Looks top notch...
  17. Hi all, I've embarked on a brave new journey into F1 building, the 1/12 Tamiya MP4/6.. I'm a few hours into it now and have seen a few fit issues, primarily the TopStudio heads (like most resin parts) are a little distorted resulting in a sliver of light showing when viewed from the side. I can imagine the compression loss. So it will be slightly modified for a perfect fit I've added the TopStudio Engine set, Cooling/ECU set, Cockpit set, Axles, Intake, Antenna and Brake sets. Still waiting for the front Bulkhead/Suspension set to arrive. Each major set has hundreds of parts, beautifully made. Instructions not even close to synchronized with the Tamiya instructions as usual, so Lots of page flipping and fit-checking here. I'll begin the wiring next, Enjoy the pics! CnC welcome! Marco
  18. MarcoMoto

    Revell Porsche Boxster

    Wow!!! Excellent skills! Dad will have to get out of the way soon! Truly amazing.. brings a tear to my eye marco
  19. MarcoMoto

    Tamiya Yamaha RZV500R

    Love to see it, but your images are not loading, why not just directly upload to SW365...
  20. MarcoMoto

    Honda NS500 83/84

    Great detail work Andrew! Glad you found us! This is a very busy forum! Welcome! Marco
  21. MarcoMoto

    Ducati 900 NCR Racer

    Love the black cable ties, did you make them yourself? Nice closeup pics, and excellent work Sandro! Marco
  22. Hi All, my first AFV build, pretty basic, but I've added (OCD) a set of T-66 cast metal tracks, a PE/machined 50cal machine gun, and 2 30cal guns. The repetitious 46 wheels are finally primed, upper and lower hull, and turret complete and primed, ready for the fun part: paint and weathering! Tracks will be assembled as the paint dries. CnC welcome, as I am learning different weathering techniques now, and this is a big experiment that I can learn from! My first step will be a gentle sweep of darker Olive Drab at the bottom to a lighter Dark Yellow/OD mix at the top, giving me some sun-bleached upper hull areas, (I hope). Mud comes later. Enjoy the pics Marco
  23. MarcoMoto

    Ducati 900 NCR Racer

    Sandro if you use hollow axles the jig becomes much more stable.. beautiful work you're doing as always!! Marco
  24. MarcoMoto

    Tamiya kawasaki zx-rr

    Nice , Ade! There's still time if you want to add the smaller diam shrink tube cables we discussed on Fb... Marco
  25. MarcoMoto

    Aoshima 1/12 Honda Z50 "Gorilla"

    Great job! Love the additional details you did! I think we already met, are you in Moscow? Marco