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  1. Very cool man, I love these old racers
  2. Very awesome man, this is true, like everything else now a days, you get what you pay for.
  3. Yep, looks really good man, you've got an audience now for sure, I also have the mp 4/6, I plan on it being a long build too, I see all kinds of detail up sets for it but didn't know they were coming out with a big detail set. I will have to keep an eye out for that, I love what you have going on with yours so far though, very nice
  4. Very cool man, I like it, it's so simple but with professional results, I will be trying this
  5. Looks really good man for a first attempt, I don't think I could work with that small of a scale ?
  6. Superb man, I'm speechless
  7. Thank you Max and Ash, yes, the base comes with the kit
  8. Looking very good man, if the mufflers are the only thing you will do in carbon fiber, I would do it, I think the carbon look will make them stand out good on all the red
  9. Thank you Marco and Martijn, keep us posted on those figures Marco, I would probably buy a couple ?
  10. Thank you guys, the stand came with the figure, it is Tamiya also, I think I should have painted it black though, to at least look like asphalt, oh well
  11. I have to say just in the few days I have been on here and have seen all you guys' work, I am inspired to get more detailed in my builds, seriously, all you guys are awesome, thank you
  12. I love your choice of engine color 44, very realistic, did you use a wash on it? where is your motojig to hold your engine???
  13. That thing is sweet man, I read that it has no frame, everything attaches to the motor, can't wait to see it done
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