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  1. For the fork tubes chrome foil from hasegawa
  2. Front forks are ready.... I placed some resin bolts on the passenger footpegs.....
  3. @Griffo_Aus I use an old hair dryer and it works well... with too heat you can ruin the decal with some bubbles.... decals are hasegawa
  4. There are no black decals.... if you see back in the picture you will see the base paint scheme is white and deep blu.... the one suggested in the instruction. I had to cut in 2 parts the decal over the air intake it was just one piece
  5. Anyway... @John18D frame and swing arm are alclad aluminium. I bought the AK xtreme aluminium but it's to shiny.... more like chrome.....I washed the carburetors of course with tamiya panel line black. Engine is tamiya nato black with satin clear over About gallery I have them on www.modellismo.net/forum not all my gallery are here. Yesterday I lost 2-3 years of my life placing decals.... the don't react very well to softener and they are thick. Moreover for the fairing you have to align 3 at the same time.... I also had to cut the medium blu decal on the bottom cowl because of the air intake..... You will see a thin step of paint under the decal on rear cowl.... I will try to do better on the other side....
  6. Why if I tag your name I cannot write anymore? like this @John18D .... now I can write, in the previous post not and I cannot delete it
  7. Hello Than, great work, there is something strange on the front brake tube connections.... Usually the tubes turn back in the middle of the forks... Also the position of connectors seems wrong. Had you some problems with that stuff?
  8. I'm sure you are right.... and I would like to have the blue european version.... also the real one...! 🤩
  9. John I'm afraid the red/black version is not european.... if you want to make the european you have to buy aftermarket decals.... I would like to have the european too....
  10. Solowly slowly..... the kit is fantastic but very fragile.... the tubes connections break very easily
  11. What about Hasegawa details???? Just 3 decals for the left handlebar.... and you can read them!!!
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