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  1. good job.... the engine is a little bit too dark for me but i'ts really well weathered
  2. The new DSPIAE cutter... you have to make some test before obtain something usefull.... I glued the glass with a drop of aqua gloss over the decal.... I replaced the black screws with resin bolts and filled the front well screw with some attack. Filed when dried a painted silver.
  3. Some news... To hide the head of the screws I filed them with exagonal shape and also lowered them a little bit. I wlll apply a pe bolts on the surface. The same for the rear swing arm but I only covered the screw head with half of a resin bolt....
  4. Thanks even if alu is alu I tried to use different shades of the same color.... white alu, plain alu, dark alu, high pol alu etc... to make some diefferences....
  5. And the brakes.... It's easier to watch at the pictures than to explain the procedure... . I'm quite satisfied The rear wheel, some details are still missing...
  6. Installed the engine into the frame...
  7. And now the chain, this is the second one as the first one is in the trash.... :^) After the assembling I have painted the chain still in the jig with metallic grey and then I sanded the pins to make them silver again....
  8. For me is "magic".... 🤩 will follow
  9. I tried to improve the brake pedal and the footpegs.... I filed the pegs below and attached a small piece of pe net to simulate the antiskid ....
  10. Engine almost completed and carburettors
  11. And the famous wheels.... a masterpiece I used masksol instead white glu to keep the spokes locked
  12. Engine partially assembled tank and seat
  13. I started with this new project with the 4 detail sets by tamiya... Just to relax myself with wheels and chain... 🤪 Some pieces ready to be assembled....
  14. And what did you use to replace the cable attachment points ? For the thinner lines.... (throttle, clutch...)
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