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  1. I broke almost all the pin of the Suzuki GSX750 where the tubes are connected.... very thin and fragile.... In the next suzuki (RG400) or Kawasaki 500 I think I will replace all with metal rods.... it's very complicated replace them when they break on pieces already installed just because you touched a tube
  2. On aliexpress.... it was the cheaper one
  3. What a great job...!!! My compliments.... the white is decals or paint ? It's so perfect....
  4. Thank you for the info I should have it.... an old bottle..... are the ones you can buff?
  5. Wow! The tank seems of real metal.... Which paint did you use? Nice work overall....
  6. After a long time the fairing is ready.... just the rivets and the pe missing Made a stand to display the bike naked....
  7. Working very slowly.... for the moment the spring on the side stand.... pictures will follow.....
  8. No it's not... I tried but the result was really bad.... I used the hasegawa matt black foil https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-cars-motorcycles-bare-metal-foil-hasegawa-models-ha-71804?zenid=2e0600395a00508dec435fd9bae81d2c
  9. I bought the cheapest on ebay .... ppg deltron D8140 https://www.ebay.it/itm/Vernice-Trasparente-Acrilica-UHS-PPG-D8140-1LT-CATALIZZATORE-D8242-D8242-D8244/273943886185?hash=item3fc853f969:g:KzIAAOSw6ZRdObuM
  10. I had to work on the mirrors, reinforced the joint with 0,7 rod and finally the tank on the bike.... look at the black rubber band on the bottom of the tank :brig: and the seat... and the rubber edge also on the glass ...
  11. Yes I saw it, the differences are also the muffler and the dry clutch... I will spend more time on different subjects... 🙂
  12. Some progress but a lot of time..... Who will build this kit (and other hasegawa) please replace every tube connection with metal one.... they break without even touching them
  13. Hello looking at the kit I own.... did you understand where decal 64 are to be placed? They seems to be the black border lines of yellow tables but the angle of the decal is 90 degrees the angles of the tables are different... and why they are so long? Do you think to use the decals for the blue or will you paint it?
  14. Upper fairing decalized.... and the 2 handle bars ..... placed the oil window .... :^) thinking about upgrade the oil tube connections......
  15. For the fork tubes chrome foil from hasegawa
  16. Front forks are ready.... I placed some resin bolts on the passenger footpegs.....
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