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  1. hi, that all by paint,for decal only the DUCATI on the fairing,printed it using transparent decal paper and laser printer.
  2. thanks! @fincheronious @Flipper
  3. Great job Layla!such new talent here,keep up the good work.
  4. Hi This is my 1199 panigale 46Project WIP, First i covered all the body with carbon decal, then painted it with mr COlor XC04. Shit happened when i masking the 46 pattern, the decal came off..failed that one, so then i repaint all the body without carbon decal. i made same modification : - moveable fork stabilizer - brake line - rear suspension - custom clutch - custom muffler - custom paint here the finished model
  5. wow i cant wait to see the finish result mate!!
  6. Thanks..yeah im #46 fans hahaha. you are right this is 1/24 scale Thanks!! ForzaVale
  7. Here my latest car build...almost full body carbon, combined with fluoroscent yellow. #46
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