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  1. Now that's great looking stuff! I absolutely love the texture on the engine surfaces. What kind of sandblaster did you use to achieve that?
  2. Hey guys, A little bit more progress done but not a whole lot due to that I'm doing some work in the house too. I've mainly focussed on improving the detail in the suspension area. The rear dampers only had their top half moulded and would have been a pain to paint. So I decided to create new ones. They are made up from a pin and some very thin decorating wire wound around some steel wire. Then another pinhead on the other side. The controls for the gearbox have been simplified to a piece of PE in this kit. I'd like to add the controls wich look fairly complex and with a lot of wiring; but I haven't figured out yet how to represent this realistically without too much work. And it still needs to look decent of course. Or is my detailing OCD going a bit over the top here? In the front it's the same story. The dampers look half decent but they would be difficult to paint and will deffo look better as separate units. The base is some 0.6 mm steel wire found at florists (they normally look green and are used to wind around the stems of flowers). I then widened the inner diameter of a 1 mm alu pipe so it would slide over the steel wire. on one end I glued a piece of black hose, on the other end some 0.6 mm shrinktube. At the front end I soldered on the linkages to the rollbar. I still have to recreate the front suspension rockers which have been omitted in the kit. I've thinned a small piece of plastic card and once cut to shape, I will put some PE rivet on top to represent the pivot point. As you can imagine this is all very fiddly work and I'm anxious to see how it will look like once assembled. I hope to start painting in a week or two as there is a lot of CF to apply too... Thanks for watching and feel free to comment! Erik
  3. Tnx Immy! Yes I'm sure that in terms of hours (which I don't really count so it's a guess) this will be same same compared to a 1/20 car. I'm guessing my aversity to building box stock has something to do with that though! I have no clue yet how I'll approach detailing the engine but the mimimum I want to add is ignition cables and I'd like the ferrari name on the cilinder heads as per the original (not moulded in on the kit part and no decal for it either). We'll see where we go from there.
  4. Tnx Rob, yes I agree so when I found this at a model show last year together with a few other kits from the same brand, I immediately also purchased the Ferrari 642 and the honda NSX (all in the same scale)
  5. Nice to see you back here! I like the details you're putting on the bike; great work! Too bad about the paint; could it be you used a bad primer? Looks like you managed to recover that problem very well!
  6. Great start Doc! I love this bike and I'm excited to see you progress in this build!
  7. Great start Doc! I love this bike and I'm excited to see you progress in this build!
  8. It's been a few monts since I posted on the forum but the group build fired me up to get back to the work bench. I chose a small subject on purpose, as I wanted an exercise in working with small parts as a way to improve my 1/12 bike detailing skills. As I had a few 1/43 kits by the long defunct Japanese brand Rosso, it was the perfect kit for the GB. I purchased a few extras for this kit, namely some extra sponsor decals, a seat belt set and tyre valves. These will probably be tricky to work with in this size... Here are a few shots of the kit contents. sprues in 4 colors, metal monocoque and lower engine/gearbox, and metal suspenion arms. This kit is the "grade up mannia" version so it comes with a little extra box containing PE radiator grilles and seat harness, a sheet of BMF and some white metal coolant ducts and pilot figure. The kit was produced in 1992 and looks quite detailed and well engineered for it's age....but there do seem to be a few issues to be corrected. The first one being the cast texture on the metal monocoque. Part of this will be visible on the exterior and I plan to display the vehicle with the engine cowling off, so this texture needs to be sorted out. I chose to sand down the factory applied coat of black paint and applied some Mr. Surfacer 500 which I let overnight to dry and then sanded it down almost completely so only the surface texture is corrected. X-acto knife for size comparison. Here you can see the corrected monocoque after applying a coat of black primer. As can be seen, there is a gap to the front plastic part that will be filled with some styrene card. I'm tackling as many small detailing issues as possible prior to painting, to avoid damaging the finish later. Here are the wheels and the 1/43 tyre valves. Picture taken through my magnifier lamp (as can be seen by the distortion), as the phone camera refused to focus on the valves otherwise. Since Acustion doesn't bother to include english instructions, I had to measure the diameter of the valves to determine what drill to use. It came out as 0.2 mm..... I've also drilled out the exhaust pipes. Right side is drilled, compared to left side which hasn't been done yet. Easy to do and it makes a big difference. I'm also looking at improving the bodywork. On the next picture, I have shaved the rear diffuser to a more realistic thickness. Left is done, right not. Again a fairly simple step which I hope will still be visible when the car is finished. I will also be trying to open the Naca ducts on the bodywork; but these are very small and it's a fairly daunting task as I don't want to ruin the body. So far I haven't started on this yet... Lastly, I sanded off the moulded-in detail from the radiators and attached the PE radiator faces. That's it for the first post; feel free to comment and I'll be back with more soon!
  9. Rob, I've checked a bunch of piccies on the web and it looks like you're right. Racers had black pipes, looks like matt black with a dash of silver. Only road legal bikes had chromed pipes as far as I can find.
  10. Ah I see what you mean. Are these the kit springs Antonio? If so, it could be that they are progressive springs like we have in many motorcycle forks. But I don't know if that type of springs was used on the real car. Anyway I agree with you that it doesn't look good. You could always wind a new spring from an appropriate size steel wire. I recently saw a trick on another build to hold a second wire parallel to the spring wire when winding, which ensures that the winds are equally spaced apart. You take away the second wire once you're ready of course.
  11. Nice pictures Antonio! What do you mean with "wrong stirred spring"? Can you show perhaps on a detailed picture?
  12. It looks great Antonio! Regarding your putty question, iI haven't used Milliput yet but I think that Tamiya basic is too roughly textured once dry. The Tamiya fine white putty gives a better result.
  13. Nice work Angus! The weathering looks great. It's a large kit though so I expect that getting the external weathering to look in scale, realistic and consistent across the plane will be one of the biggest challenges...
  14. Nice work so far Ade, and don't you worry about that hugger. Once the bike is finished it will look great!
  15. I agree with Ade, it's a cool livery very simple and clean, and the blue really pops off my screen here!
  16. David I was looking at your pictures and I think you "missed a spot". The two lines running top down near the middle of the rear window are supposed to be done in black too. In reality they are black support struts on the inside of the car. Other than that it's a fantastic piece!
  17. Trust me, this goes way beyond half decent in my opinion !
  18. I just finished building for tonight as I think my eyes will start bleeding if I carry on. I seriously need a magnifier... I have polished the windscreen with tamiya fine and finish compounds then glued it to the fairing. I then proceeded to insert the TS rivets with .5mm head and .35 mm shaft, glued from the inside with a drop of cyano. Then I added the 1 mm PE rivets from the TS exhaust set to the exhausts after I had covered these last weekend in 1/20 kevlar weave scale motorsport decal. I used X-22 clear to fix these, as cyano was eating the decal. Let's say that tonight has been a riveting experience...
  19. Tonight I worked on drilling the holes for the top studio rivets in the screen, they will be painted black as per reference pics. I also made the front brake hoses using T2M 0.65 mm braided hose and TS 1.2 mm shrink hose. The "T" piece was lost long time ago so I made a new one from thin wire bent into shape. Everything was fitted together using the heat of a candle and then adding a tiny dot of CA for good measure. Also visible on the right handlebar are the TS gas cable attachments (shortened slightly from their original length) and MFH 0.25 mm wire on the handlebar rubbers. Questions and comments always welcome!
  20. Tnx guys.... I finished mounting the front fork to the bike and I did a testfit of all bodyparts to check the alignment of the paint scheme and it looks great. No pictures of that yet, I want to keep the tension up until I post final pics Here is one spoiler of the front fork (sorry for the grainy pic but taken at night with digital zoom on an Ipad )
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