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  1. skidsolo

    My way with roll cages

    Thanks guys. SLM... for 1/24 I would use 2mm dia (= 48mm full scale.)
  2. skidsolo

    Time for a brew.

    Thanks Dallas.
  3. skidsolo

    Tamiya Yamaha RZV500R

    Paint on:
  4. skidsolo

    Tamiya Yamaha RZV500R

    I used MEK Erik. (Methyl Ethyl Keytone. The discoloration is unusual with MEK. Maybe it has something to do with the type of styrene!!
  5. skidsolo

    Tamiya Yamaha RZV500R

    Some progress. Got the engine installed and most of the rear end done. I routed the two upper HT leads down to the dizzie and just tucked them in. (instead of doing it Tamiya's crazy way). Needn't have worried though. It's all but impossible to see them anyway.The upper manifolds to silencers were originally black and the colour call out was for Chrome Silver but I did them with a Molotow Chrome Pen instead.I have assembled the bodywork but it needs some work to be acceptable:
  6. skidsolo

    Tamiya Honda RC213V double build

    Looking good Tom.
  7. skidsolo

    32 Ford Five Window Coupe

    Thanks both.
  8. skidsolo

    Revell Porsche Boxster

    Hey Layla, I think you did a smashing job of your first model car and you are also doing a fine job on this one too. Keep up the good work.
  9. skidsolo

    Tamiya Yamaha RZV500R

    Thanks both. No..... it will just have to be a road bike with race decals!!! LOL
  10. Finished her up tonight. Box stock apart from HT leads and fabric roof.
  11. skidsolo

    Tamiya Yamaha RZV500R

    I'm just waiting for some Tamiya matt black to arrive to do the running boards on the 32, so have time to start on this one: The decals in the kit are somewhat yellowed and I should have had them in a south window ages ago.......... but I forgot!! :16: The UK suppliers of Tamiya don't have any and it would take a month for them to arrive from Japan, so I have bought these ones instead: Construction starts with the engine which is quite nicely detailed but since the kit dates to 1984, the fit is not up to modern standards........... plus almost all of it is boring old black. Still at least it can all be assembled before painting.!! LOL Still some cleanup to do on the engine. (I hate working with black styrene!!!!!)
  12. skidsolo

    32 Ford Five Window (Full Fendered)

    Interior finished. The 'tan' is Tamiya Desert Yellow LOL. It's the closet I have so hey ho!! Steering wheel centre and door card hardware done with a Molotow Chrome Pen.
  13. skidsolo

    32 Ford Five Window (Full Fendered)

    It does work well. Here is a 1:16 model A I did in three peices:
  14. skidsolo

    32 Ford Five Window (Full Fendered)

    Odd, as it is still missing on mine!!! Micropore is very thin, textured, self adhesive medical tape. Available at your local pharmacy. Stick it to a sheet of styrene, let it dry for at least twelve hours, peel of and stick to the roof. Finally, trim as you would BMF.