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  1. Nice to see you back on this one. Looking fantastic as usual...
  2. Looks absolutely Perfect! Not much more to say than that...
  3. Looking awesome so far, really coming to life! I need to get busy on my 641/2. I'm falling behind....
  4. Great work on this build. The engine looks fantastic!
  5. Just a quick out of the box build of the Tamiya Pennzoil kit. I haven't added any extra detail or any weathering or washes. The chassis is painted with Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver, decanted and airbrushed. The body is painted in Scale Finishes Pennzoil Yellow as a base coat then Tamiya Pearl Yellow as a mid coat. Once I mask and paint the black around the bottom of the body It'll get cleared and polished. I cheated on the seatbelts. I didn't want to make new seatbelts and I wouldn't be happy with just decals so I cut the decals out, leaving them on the paper and bent the paper to shape and glued the "paper" seatbelts in place...
  6. Tanks guys! Imster: the panel lines are done with Citadel brand Black Wash (made for figure painting) and just flowed in to the panel lines with a liner brush. No real trick to it. If I get an over run I wipe it off with a cotton swab moistened with water. In severe cases a little finish polish will remove any excess.
  7. I recently finished up this Tamiya Ferrari F50. It's built out of the box and went together fairly well. I chose to build the closed top version because I like that look much better. The top is attached permanently and the rear hatch is also glued shut. The rear hatch was the only issue I had with parts fit and it didn't want to close fully. Painted in Cobra Colors Ferrari Argento Nurburgring, cleared and polished. Wheels in gloss black to somewhat match my Ferrari FXX-K, shown in the last picture.
  8. Recently finished up this build of the Yamaha YZR500 Lucky Strike bike from 1988. Added machined rivets for the fairings and "Lucky Strike" Decals. Red is painted on the tank, rear cowling and front fairing, the rest is decals.
  9. My first post as a new guy here on the forum. This is the recently released Hasegawa Porsche 962 in "Trust" livery. It's basically the same kit they've produced for years with new decals. Mostly built out of the box but I did correct the exhaust openings (changed the angle and location), I also removed the air scoops from the rear deck and lastly I added a seat belt to the drivers seat. It was a quick build mostly done over the Lemans weekend. The decals are good quality but they are not very glossy. I generally don't like to clear over decals, including these. I did use a nice wax over the decals and polished them to a decent shine.
  10. Your 956 build is coming along very well. Looking fantastic! One thing to be aware of is the Zero Newman Yellow and the yellow on the kit decals is not the same (or at least my Zero Paint and decals didn't match). I think the zero paint is correct and the decals are too much of a pale yellow. Looking forward to seeing more of this build.
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