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  1. Thanks a lot Dallas... not a patch on a certain RC211V ?... but I certainly enjoyed the challenge, and am well chuffed with the end result. Now onwards and upwards with my Tyrrell 004, and getting the Ducati 916 done ??
  2. Well, just like that.... d naaaaah.... my McLaren M8B is complete ?. It’s now enjoying its new home, displayed alongside my Rossi 2003 Corolla.
  3. Thanks Dallas. Was working on the engine block yesterday... crikey get the exhausts on, with the various engine braces, is a tough job. One done, will attempt the other this morning but we’re out later. Will get an engine block shot early in the week.
  4. Thanks Imraan... next post will be once I’ve completed the engine block... proving a bit of a mare getting it all lined up and in place... some touch up painting will be required. Yeah, the pipes come on two soft vinyl type sprees... a black wiring one, and a greyish one for piping. Real nice touch.
  5. Thanks Rob... it certainly has plenty detail... been working on the engine today, will post early next week... getting parts lined up proving real tricky. Be worth the pain though.
  6. Some progress with my McLaren M8B. It’s all been a bit primer grey and base coat black so far... for the mighty power houses of engines, they were mighty boring colours. Am trying out some of the Zero Paints metals on this car. Hopefully next time the engine block will be together, and I’ll get a photo in my new photo booth thingy. Thought I’d share the before and after on my spray booth filter for a laugh. Oh, I did a bit of work on the McLaren today... bit of colour with the oil filter, and starting anodising the pipe work. Thanks for watching ?
  7. Great progress Guy... gonna be a real nice bike ?
  8. Thanks Dallas, deffo pleased with new photo box. This build will be so worth the time invested to work with the fit/plastic challenges. Looking forward to really getting into it ?
  9. And the journey has commenced. The plastic with the "rather old", could say vintage, Accurate Miniatures kit is - hmmm - strange.... quite hard, however it is certainly detailed. You can see all the notches on the belts for the engine balancer/fuel pump drive and the oil pump drive. Ooooooo, the instructions are just brilliant though, calling out the names of the parts. You could get away with pretending to know your way around an engine ????. This kit is not to the Tamiya fit standard... my thoughts anyway. There's more clean up involved for flash, and some gaps when you fit it together... had a few grades of Mr Surfacer out, and Mr Dissolved Putty for deeper holes/gaps. These parts are now ready for priming though. I will be using Zero Paints Black primer, with my Harder and Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus and 0.4mm nozzle setup... this is my workhorse airbrush. I treated myself to a new toy on Amazon this week... a lightbox photo studio box thingy. Am going to try take more "professional looking" photographs this build diary. Thanks for watching ?
  10. Hey Imraan, yeah the car really does look the part. As I mentioned to Dallas, I certainly could have chosen an easier kit for the group build, based on my experience... but have had this kit for years and will have a blast building it as best I can. Ken is building one too... lucky so and so has all three of the M8Bs Accurate Miniatures produced ??. I guess would be a tough job to get these kits now... as with you and the detail set you have for the Lotus 78. This will be my first forum post build too ?. Need to think of things to say ??.
  11. Thanks Dallas... really looking forward to seeing what I can do with the kit... could have picked an easier one for my 3rd build back ?. Just started working with some of the engine parts... plastic is hard and fit not perfect. Will sort.... it's not. Tamiya kit though. Yeah, detail looks good, complete with bendy hoses and wiring ?.
  12. Excellent Tony mate... looking forward to this ?
  13. Ha Rob, so you can share it with me.... on here and on Facebook.... but it goes into my display case when complete ?. Can't to fairer than that ?
  14. OMG Rob, sooo fast. Looking great ?
  15. Hey Ken, looking forward to sharing progress updates ?
  16. Oh, before I go... not sure if I'm allowed to do this. Admin, please remove if I'm not allowed... but you can't buy this magazine now. The following three photos are from the Scale Auto Modeller Magazine, the first ever issue of it back in November 1998. The magazine shared all things Auto...cars and bikes. The magazine ran as a monthly release for three years... then stopped in October 2001. Gutted that it stopped. Gutted that I'm missing the fourth magazine (Vol 1, Issue 4 February 1999).
  17. As I mentioned before, these days we don't need to worry about getting the right paint for the job... we have Steve, Hiroboy and of course, Zero Paints. I have purchased ZP-1109 McLaren Can-Am Orange for the project. Will be doing some google research, and I have the Scale Auto Modeller magazine for some hints and tips. Oh, and OMG ?, the Accurate Miniatures instructions are a dream... 30 odd pages with notes, diagrams, and some history on the M8B. I've shared here what's in the box. Next time I plan to have started taking the engine block parts off the sprue. thanks for watching.
  18. Okay it's official launch time... time warped back to November 1998 for a bit. The brand new magazine, Scale Auto Modeller magazine has just been launched. In it there is a review of the fabulous newly launched Accurate Miniatures kit for the McLaren M8B Can-Am car... what a beast! I phone around lots of model shops... the internet wasn't quite the same in 1998?. I find stock in Glasgow and head off to buy. Wow, I have it... need to go to Halfords and get gloss Brilliant Orange paint per the magazine review..... Steve's Zero Paints were not there in those days. Hiroboy was T minus 8 years away.... Steve Hemming was probably still at school.... gawd I feel old. Well, I didn't build it then.., fast forward nearly 19 years and this fabulous kit is going to be built over the next 3 months, and no... Halfords paint not being used as, today we are fortunate to have Steve, Hiroboy and Zero Paints ??. Hope you all enjoy build progress shots over the coming months. Hope I can do this kit justice. However, the main thing is that we all have a blast.... looking forward to sharing experiences over the next few months..... looking forward to watching you builds progress...... enjoy all ?.
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