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  1. Thought I might document my build of two Tamiya AMG GT3s. Both will be built using Hobby Design detail sets and after market decals as well as resin headlights that bring the cars up to date. One will be buit in the EVA livery and the second in Hello Kitty. So far I have started by getting the bodies together and working on the front brakes. The HD set adds quite a bit to the models. While somewhat intimidating, I really enjoyed adding all the detail to me 1199 so I am looking forward to it.
  2. Very nice and clean build. The rear axle gave me some issues on mine as well.
  3. Looks good. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
  4. Thanks again. If it hadn't been for this site I wouldn't have thought about the magnets. The lack of screws does make a huge difference.
  5. Thanks guys. This build was loys of fun.
  6. I finished this one up tonight. You can see my WIP in the WIP section of the forum. This build was fairly easy with little difficulty. I added the Hobby Design detail set, the one without resin, the Top Studio chain kit, Tamiya Fork kit and Hobby Design Tri Colore decals and body rivets. I added wiring the suspension components and electrical boxes. Used magnets in place of screws for the fairings. Avoided screws most everywhere else I felt I could. Heres the quick pics from tonight when I finished up. Will post better ones later.
  7. Thank you Doc for the comment and I will have to try baby oil fortyfour Since my last update I have essentially finished this one up. It is just lacking a tag. Have to figure out how to mount one without the huge and ugly stock piece. First I primed all but the rear side pieces in Tamiya pink primer I followed this up by the painting these panels with Gravity colors Ducati Red. I then applied the decals and applied Gravity clear. While waiting for the clear to cure I added some wiring to the suspension components and to the two electric boxes.
  8. Thanks imster and marco. I would like to know of a lube as well.
  9. Some more progress on the 1199. Since the last post I have finished up all the plumbing. Installed the rear fender, exhaust heat shield, chain guard. Got the left rear set installed. Applied carbon fiber to the front fender using Hasegawa trytool carbon finish, then installed it. Painted and installed the electrical panels. Installed the handle bars/clip-ons. Rear frame piece and the front and rear lights.
  10. Amazing! Outstanding detail and very clean. Beautiful build.
  11. Thank you. It was a pain to get it all to work together and the axle was instrumental in making it all happen. I did end up pulling it all apart to find out the front sprocket parts had seperated. I epoxied them back together and while still not perfect, it is much better.
  12. Some more work done. First I machined the axle I needed in order to get the wheel assy and chain to rotate Next I finished up the triple clamp by installing the rest of the Tamiya fork kit. I then installed the rear brakes, wheel and final installed the chain. The chain works but is not as smooth as I would like it to be but it does work.
  13. Interior looks great. Dash texture looks spot on and your CF work is awesome. Keep it up and looking forward to seeing more.
  14. Finished building the chain tonight. Just need to clean the glue off the link it together once its back in place.
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