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  1. Little bit more work done today
  2. Thank you Rob I completely agree that the Vallejo metal colours are much better but I have run out lol need to do a paint order tomorrow. As for the kit I have done a little more .
  3. Thank you Motogp ade it's tamiyas x13 witch is metallic blue.
  4. This one is plastic having a break from wooden ships lol
  5. Ok I will do for my next bike and I know what you mean when you spray the stuff it covers everything in glitter lol
  6. I build this kit a few months back and found it a great kit cannot wait to see it with all the upgrades.
  7. I used xf-16 as I'm out of x11 lol
  8. Finished this About 6 months ago first wooden battle ship. Will also be starting the HMS Victory soon also made out of wood.
  9. I started this kit about one month ago and slowly getting it do by the aid of some titanic books.
  10. That's step one done never done a blue chain before.
  11. In going to do it out the box no upgrades on this build lol
  12. Hi there is one of my entry's for the GD Model group build.
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