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  1. Thanks mate! No it's the 'flour technique' I'm always using for making seats and stuff. just spray the part in the color it should be, dip it into some flours blow it of, spray it again in the color you'd like, ready! Easy as that! Cheers, Martijn
  2. Hi guys, I haven't been on the forum for a while... just a bit to much work and things, you know those periods I finally managed to get a project finished again! The last five months I've been working on this Studio27 kit of the very first version of Ferrari's 1991 643. It's the French Gp version which means that this was the first race the 643 appeared in after a miserable performance of the previous 642. Not the easiest kits I've ever build, but still pretty happy with the outcome. I had to make some changes to the original kit parts to represent the car as it should be. Changed the air duct in the nose because the original duct was placed much to high into the nose cone which made it impossible to put the decals in the right place. I doubted about the way the exhaust pipes had to be placed, most of the 643's had four pipes above the diffuser, but since this is the first chassis of the car they where still sitting under need the floor, like they used to be on the 642 etc. Thanks to 'Mr. Ferrari encyclopedia' Steve who helped me sorting this out! Usual details on wings and bodywork where added in the form of nuts 'n bolts. Cockpit is much more detailed since I didn't liked the very simple details Studio27 added in the kit. Paints use is: -Automotive grey primer -Zero paint pink primer -Zero paint Ferrari pre 2004 -Zero paint 2K clear. -AutoK semigloss clear for monocoque and bottom plate. Difficult part was to get the look of the visible monocoque on both sides of the nose right, it looks like it's just black but In fact there're four different kinds of carbon decals under a nice coat of smoke/clear yellow followed by a topcoat of semi gloss clear, I'm happy with the result! The car is slightly weathered and has some brand new Good Year's on it, I just love a car in that state Hope you like it folks! Hope you like it! And as always, questions etc. are very welcome Cheers Martijn
  3. Very impressive mate! Lovely finish, absolutely great.
  4. Nice one! I always love the Rothmans colors of the Honda's in those days, also the Williams F1 cars from '94 on! Great job overall
  5. Things are really looking great so far, I'm very curious to see what you're gonna make out of the exhausts! Good luck mate
  6. I have to say it looks gorgeous, dispite you're not totally happy with the result love the paint job and detail, well done!
  7. Looks like a good matching color! You don't have to spray a glossy black base under it?
  8. Yes old watches are super handy!! When you're opening a watch and strip it down, you'll find a lot of very useful tiny parts, little screws, little bolts, springs etc.. For example, the shell of the little expansion (next to the red wire) is scratched out of watch parts The little nozzle coming out of the Ducati's tank is also coming from a watch, very handy
  9. Thanks mate! Glad you like it too Yes I hate fake fasteners, so I used a lot of PE stuff to complete it. The seat is super easy, first prime it, spray the color you wanna have the seat in, immediately after that dip the seat in baking flour, blow it of and overspray it again, just very slightly, don't put a wetcoat on it The display is very easy, I just made it out of 3mm plexiglass, attached some wooden planks against the wall and just make sure the plexiglass fits around the planks and ready I've done the same thing to show my F1 cars.
  10. Hi guys! Finally, Tamburini's masterwork is ready to show! Details can be seen in the WIP I was cleaning the bike showcase before i put the new guy in, so made some pics of some of Mr.916's new friends, there are a lot more of them but they're a bit shy ( notice also the difference between a 1:6 Minichamps Desmosedici and a 1:12 bike ) I'm very happy about the result, IMHO one of my best builds since i've started this hobby 14 years ago. Body panels are the smoothest i've ever had, they had around 6/7 layers 2K clear each and have been polished till they where totally scratchless, really the way i want it to look, hopefully you guys like it too Cheers Martijn
  11. Thanks Imraan! Yes i used a lot of 'spare' PE stuff I have, also little parts from old watches are very useful in some cases. You'll see the result somewhere these days
  12. Thanks Ade I'm pretty happy so far with the result
  13. That's just a very decent and wonderful built! I do understand you, because the builder, in this case you, does always sees things to improve, but that's because you know which parts are good and which not, but we just see the final result and that's great!!
  14. Great job Paul! Of course shame about the bleading, but I always look at the effort the builder did, this is something you can't do anything about. but it shows great skills of you, so wonderful! Cheers, Martijn
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