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  1. Rob

    Ducati 1199 Panigale Red

    Looks like the real deal!
  2. Start is promising!! Following this one!
  3. Rob

    Yamaha OW70 Tamiya 1/12

    Very nice, that paint job, spot on!!
  4. Rob

    Gulf Porsche 917K Le Mans

    You got lucky with this sprue, i was waiting 7 months for a clear sprue!!! following this one.
  5. Like this one, paintjob and the decals very crisp!
  6. Rob

    1/12 Williams FW14b

    Absolutely gorgeous, al the superlatives are not enough to describe this!! Big thumbs up!!
  7. Rob

    1/12 Williams FW14b

    What a detail you put in this car, absolutely fab!
  8. Rob

    Gulf Porsche 917K Le Mans

    All and all, I think it’s a nice result, i hope that i can have such a good result on my car!!
  9. Rob

    Gulf Porsche 917K Le Mans

    I know exactly what you mean, got 2 or 3 Fujimi kits made and every time it’s a big disappointment. The same kit is in my stash, thinking of selling it now.
  10. Finisht! @imster, tough about it, but to late!. The kit is a dream exept for the windshield and the rear window, they are so small, you got 1 a 2 mil to glue. the original trimline is not sticky anymore, so bmf or spray it. the chrome wheels are the best i ever seen. I made 2 little misstakes whit the superglue, it's a little thick, so i got 2 little threads of glue over the bodyshell. in time i try to polish it, for now i leave it.
  11. Rob

    1/6 Tamiya Honda Africa Twin

    Bit monotonous, but i'm also not a great fan off the bike, but you made a very nice model whit a great paintjob!
  12. Any update on this great build?
  13. Rob

    1/12 MFH Porsche 917K Gulf #20

    Excellent work!