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  1. Start is promising!! Following this one!
  2. Very nice, that paint job, spot on!!
  3. You got lucky with this sprue, i was waiting 7 months for a clear sprue!!! following this one.
  4. Like this one, paintjob and the decals very crisp!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous, al the superlatives are not enough to describe this!! Big thumbs up!!
  6. What a detail you put in this car, absolutely fab!
  7. All and all, I think it’s a nice result, i hope that i can have such a good result on my car!!
  8. I know exactly what you mean, got 2 or 3 Fujimi kits made and every time it’s a big disappointment. The same kit is in my stash, thinking of selling it now.
  9. Finisht! @imster, tough about it, but to late!. The kit is a dream exept for the windshield and the rear window, they are so small, you got 1 a 2 mil to glue. the original trimline is not sticky anymore, so bmf or spray it. the chrome wheels are the best i ever seen. I made 2 little misstakes whit the superglue, it's a little thick, so i got 2 little threads of glue over the bodyshell. in time i try to polish it, for now i leave it.
  10. Bit monotonous, but i'm also not a great fan off the bike, but you made a very nice model whit a great paintjob!
  11. Wow, the paintwork looks like glass, lovely little machine!
  12. Looks great, nice detail and paint job.
  13. Whit some pictures you need a good look to see if it's the model or the real deal. Nice bike!
  14. Nice teaser, that is a good looking Celica!
  15. Nice to see it coming together, a little paint does wonders. Does it all fit a bit?
  16. I painted the trimline around the windows and want to ad the self-adhesive trimline, that was a big disappointed, the glue was completley dried out! now i let the paint dry for a couple of days an see if i can spay them.
  17. It's always nice to see it got paint on it, it's so more lively than!
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