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  1. Yeah I used future for the clearcoat, it's all I can really use as I can't open a window because it's freezing where I live. -28 with the wind today. I did buy some vallejo gloss though but I doubt I can polish that much either. Testors gloss is probably the best thing I can get locally, I just like how cost effective future is. But I do realize having nicely polished paint would really make the models look that much better so I think it's the next step for me to learn. 

  2. 35 minutes ago, imster said:

    Well done on finishing it and extra well done for doing such a great job on it! I think next time you should try your hand at doing proper PE and cloth seatbelts, that would really set your builds off nicely!


    Whats the deal with the Honda Civic comment?

    Yeah someday I'd like to try some detail kits for things like that. It would definitely look cool. Learning to polish the paint is the next thing for me I think. 


    And yeah, like fourtyfourpm said, this is my entry to win an Aoshima Beemax Civic EF3, a very cool kit. I'm definitely up against some real competition though! Everyone is doing really good work. Hopefully you'll have some updates on the Lotus soon! It was looking awesome. 

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  3. As promised, I've finished this build, just in time. It is December 30th at 10:40PM where I live in Canada so I have plenty of time to spare. I did the best I could to get decent pictures, my iPad camera is really bad and it's all I have. I'm really happy with how this turned out but I think on the next car I build I need to try polishing the paint to get it nice and smooth. It was a good build that I learned a lot from. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures of the finished build! I have my fingers crossed as I am a huge Honda fan and would love to win the Civic. 










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  4. I made some more progress over the holiday weekend. I'm going to make sure to be done this in time, I'm nearly there. There aren't too many steps left. I'm really eager to get this one done, it's been a long build for me and definitely the toughest kit I've done too. Not too many pictures, but you can see I've got the front and rear wings finished, the rear cowling detail painting is done, the side aero pieces are painted up and decaled, rims and brakes are nearly done and decaled. This build is definitely not perfect and there are mistakes to be found everywhere but for my 4th model car ever I'm really happy with how it's turning out. 



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  5. I made some more progress on my Ferrari, I got the driver cockpit, engine, front and rear suspension assemblies, wheel hubs and radiators all glued in now. I started putting some decals on the front and rear wing and haven't been having much luck with that, there's some pictures that show the decals on the wings, hopefully I can get them to sit down a bit more. There's quite a lot of decals in this kit.


    The rims are stripping because the paint job was bad and the brakes are freshly stripped too.  Unfortunately for my build somehow I lost the part in the instruction picture B40 so I'll have to build it without it which sucks because it would have looked cool on there. I'm making slow progress but it's starting to look like a Ferrari at least. I should hopefully have it done in about 2 weeks












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  6. Yeah this is definitely the hardest kit I’ve attempted, thankfully the fitment of the pieces is the best I’ve seen. It’s my fourth car I’ve built aside from a couple that I ruined early on. It’s tough with the decals because if I mess up a paint job I can just redo it but if the decals get messed up I am kinda screwed, makes it more stressful and nerve wracking. It will get easier with experience I’m sure.

  7. Couldn't help but do some test fitting and mock ups. I got some suspension work done on the rear, I like the effect of the included gold and silver metal stickers. I had glued on more suspension arms to the engine then realized it was going to make it impossible to get some other pieces on, the instructions weren't the clearest on the order of parts to glue so I had to get them off. I also got the seatbelt decal on which almost went very badly, it's not on the straightest but I'm just happy I got it roughly in the right spot and didn't tear it into a million pieces. I really struggle with decals. I'm hoping to get some red sprayed on and the brake assemblies painted up tomorrow. I'll be able to get some more parts glued together once that is done. This has been a tough kit for me but I'm working hard at it and hoping I will be happy with the final result. 







  8. 4 hours ago, Rob said:

    That's a very nice engine, the rest looks good also. You got a pretty nice airbrush, is it a 0,2 needle?

    Thank you, I'm definitely pretty happy with how the engine turned out. Hopefully the rest will turn out as good. 

    Yeah it's the 0.2mm. Sometime I would like to get the 0.4mm nozzle set for it. I'm more used to that size since my old Iwata Neo was 0.38mm. We'll see how it goes though, I haven't had this airbrush long so I'm still getting used to it. So far I'm really happy with it though, so much faster to clean than the Neo. 

  9. Latest progress on the build. I got a new airbrush (H&S Ultra) so I was able to do some more painting on it. I sprayed up the body parts with vallejo model air white for a basecoat before the red. The paint turned out a bit grainy on some pieces unfortunately. I also did some decal work, which was honestly a nightmare for me. I've never really put decals on uneven shapes before and I had a lot of difficulty with it. I tore just about every decal and I had trouble getting them positioned properly and then formed to the shape. Next time I will try using some heat and see if that will help. They didn't seem to want to stick very well either. It's all good practice regardless but a bit disappointing since it was pretty smooth sailing until today. 




    IMG_1226 (1).JPG

  10. 4 hours ago, imster said:

    That looks great, your work looks very clean and tidy which is awesome to see considering you are new to models. I especially like the job done on the red connectors :)



    Thank you, I try to do the best job I can, I've definitely improved over my first few models now that I am more used to the different products and have gotten more supplies. My main foe is dust. This will be my 4th car I've built. I'm mostly nervous about how the body will turn out, especially with all the decals. I think I might have a tough time painting this part of the cowling too in the attached picture but it'll have to wait until I can get my airbrush situation sorted out. Hopefully soon. 


    I used Tamiya clear red on the connectors over the vallejo metal color silver/aluminum. They turned out pretty well I think too. IMG_1178.JPG.e61cc6a592a634bc76ef908c2e321c7b.JPG

  11. Thanks for your comments. I got another little update to share. Any advice or constructive criticism is welcome as I'm fairly new to building models and have lots to learn. 


    I made some more progress on the engine, the suspension arms and exhaust are just mocked up for the photo as of now but everything else is glued together. I painted up all the metal colors on the suspension arms today, I just need to put the metal stickers on next. I got the steering wheel assembly finished, sprayed the silver on the chassis and primed the body. I got a few other bits and bobs started too as shown in the tupperware container. Unfortunately my airbrush is out of commission due to me being dumb but I'm considering buying a new H&S Ultra or Badger Patriot 105 sometime soon so hopefully I can keep working on this. It's been a fun build so far and I'm keen to keep working on it. 









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  12. Here is my progress on my group build entry, the Tamiya Ferrari F1-2000. I decided to do the engine first since it's my favorite part of a build. I had some other pieces sprayed up but spilled mineral spirits on most of them so they had to be redone. I don't have much done yet but I'll keep you all updated as I get enough done to post another update. 



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