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  1. Thanks mate, I used the kit decals because the Honda lettering and the CB1100 R lettering were part of the decal. I did mask up a few areas and blend the red paint because the decals cracked from memory, but I don't remember if it was just the front fairing or the tank and seat as well.
  2. Here is a size comparison between the Midget and a 1/12 tamiya bike.
  3. Here is my first completed model post on this forum. I finished this bike a few years ago and built it right OOB. Great kit with no issues at all. Painted with tamiya white primer, Mr Hobby super clear and various tamiya acrylics. Sorry about the poor quality photos, I really need to figure out some better lighting and use a camera instead of my phone. Thanks for looking Drew.
  4. Thanks for the info Imraan. I will definitely be asking about that. Endone is a serious drug, and I definitely don't want to be using it.
  5. Brilliant!! And the base just sets it off nicely. Great job mate
  6. Thanks mate, I have been tossing up a few ideas, and probably will machine up some new rotors for the job. Some progress soon I hope :-)
  7. Thanks mate, I agree that the drive shafts shouldn't be a problem to make. Might actually make the model look a bit better using brass tube. I am a bit stuck with what direction to take with fitting the wheels. I could probably get a set of aftermarket rotors, but I may machine some myself first and see how they look. I should be able to make some calipers out of some left over material. They will be fairly well hidden so detail shouldn't be a problem. Fitting them to the brake shroud should be fairly straight forward I hope... I have a few other Tamiya F1 kits to have a look at and copy the original design. Elbow is getting there. Still in a fair enough of pain, but am refusing to take the pain killers because they were making me sick and not getting much sleep. So just waiting to see what the doctor has to say. Just not happy I will be missing out on racing the bike in a few weeks!! :-(
  8. Wow!! That is a sensational build Imraan!!
  9. Thanks guys. It was a great kit to build. Scale is 1:25 and it is certainly small! I have seen some of these cars in person, and they live up to the name Midget!
  10. Hi everyone, I built this one a few years ago and thought I would show it here. Built OOB with just the addition of plug leads. I thought I would make it as a post race model, so did a bit of weathering on it. There was a trailer for it, but it was damaged when we moved house. Thanks for looking, Drew
  11. Been progressing slowly with the Ferrari. The bodywork and chassis parts are completed, with the bodywork only needing a coat of clear. Rear wing and front wing are ready for decals and clear, and then parts can be glued together. (sorry about the poor quality photos) The thing about ebay specials and started kits is that sometimes not all parts are in the box... The engine and rear suspension parts had been previously assembled, and the front suspension parts had been removed from the sprue as well. Somewhere there are the front and rear hub assemblies (disc rotors in this case) and also the drive shafts... Unfortunately they are not in the box of bits that I have on the workbench. So I need to make some new rotors and figure out how to fit them to the existing parts. Luckily there are front and rear brake covers that will hide the replacement items. Hopefully I will have some progress news soon. Thanks for looking. Drew.
  12. Thanks Imraan, I have been enjoying this build so far. Am waiting for a motojig to arrive before I go back to building a bike. The decals have actually been rather challenging... Extremely brittle. Even though they looked perfect on the sheet. I am a bit nervous about the clear coat and how much silvering I will be looking at afterwards. I guess I won't know until the clear coat has been finished.
  13. I seem to be progressing rather quickly with this build. Most of the decals are finished on the main body and out drying in the sun. Later on today I will be spraying a lot of semi gloss black for the remainder of the car. Not many colours used on this, But that is also because it will be all closed up and nothing besides the radiators will be visible once the body is on. Then I'll be doing my best to paint the driver figure. Thanks for looking. Drew
  14. Back with another quick update. Being unable to sleep, even with heavy pain meds, I decided to get out of bed and back to the workbench for a little while. I was thinking about using Zero Italian Red but was concerned about how the white ground coat from Zero gave me problems... And I purchased the two paints around the same time. So after some thought I decided to go with Mr Hobby super Italian Red. I thinned it with a little bit of self levelling thinner and am very satisfied with the result. So now all the bodywork has been painted and is going to be left to dry before getting a polish and decals. Thanks for looking. Drew
  15. Nice choice mate. Looking forward to seeing this progress. I am a fan of endurance racing. I hope that your wife is doing well.
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