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  1. Thank's for the nice comments For the ignition coils i have used piping, homemade connectors and watchmaker screws (that where not included in the kit).
  2. Remade this strange device that i dont understand what it is, anyway looking at pictures it's very wrong in the kit, so i have bored the holes and the inside, used a photoetched to simulate the plate that is inside and made homemade connectors plus added piping.
  3. Battery is on, molded bolts replaced with MFH casted ones, added homemade connectors and piping.
  4. Thank's everyone Kev: Yes you should try one without hesitation!! Imster: Am taking time because am doing the body at the moment, and it has about 550 rivets on it ..... i'll let you imagine the time it takes to paint them Anyway here is some more build of this kit I have completely remade the alternator as you can see on the 1st picture it was casted in an non realistic way....
  5. Gearbox completed, i have rebuilt with stainless steel the rollbar that was in white metal.
  6. Fantastic build, and very nice to see this car, some subject you dont see often
  7. Thank you very much for all the kind comments, am sorry to not have posted more but last week i was very busy, i will have more time this week and i will show more here until then, here are some pictures of the building process
  8. I have added here rivets on the side walls of the engine, remake again the gas cables and piping. Intakes and part of exhaust is on too.
  9. Hello, thank you very much, i use a mini sandblaster, like for watchamking. BR
  10. Hello so here is my 1st post, am doing this car so i have made a lot of modifications, i will try to post max of pictures and explanation but am already far in this build. I have added details on the starter, -sandblasted engine parts and cylinder heads -remade the gas cables.
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