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  1. Some very nice work, all coming along nicely.
  2. Lovely builds mate, great looking Norton. The attention to detail on the spoke and nipples on the Yam wheels is superb.
  3. Looking forward to this, almost impossible to find without paying ridiculous price.
  4. Cracking build mate, thanks for sharing the whole build 👍👏
  5. Oh I like this, thanks for sharing mate
  6. Very nice build, great paint work and the rain tyres are a nice touch
  7. Very nice and a rarely seen bike, I've never seen a kit, what kit is it?
  8. Another total stunner, your attention to detail is superb.
  9. Stunning build, I can only wonder at your level of skill mate amazing. Congratulations at your first place 👍
  10. Thanks mate, hope the move goes well, anywhere nice?
  11. How's this build going mate? As you can guess work really did get worse, I'm hoping finally to start a new car build next week, with luck.
  12. I'm not so confident in my work as you mate, but I'll give it my best shot 👍 Got a few other builds in front on the RC166 hopefully starting in the the next week or so.
  13. Good to hear mate 👍 Its been a while since I've built bike/car been keeping my hand in with a couple of aircraft projects, work was crippling last year, hopefully much better this.
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