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  1. One of my alltime favourite motorbikes! you've done a great job on it and I like your mods, very tasteful
  2. The CF looks good, I think you are being too critical of yourself on that, the exhaust is a marked improvement over your Honda exhaust so very nice progress!
  3. Like I said in a previous post, this is excellent work especially for a beginner!
  4. What a fantastic build! If this is what you produce as a beginner I cant wait to see what you will produce once you have a few builds under your belt
  5. nice progress! all good things takes time
  6. you have caught the modeling bug!!! Great to see you building another kit, based on what I've seen so far you will make a very nice build
  7. @caterhamnut looks like the photos arent working anymore or maybe its just like that for me?
  8. I finally got a chance to catch up on this build, very nice work on creating the weld lines, you should be almost finished soon?
  9. Nice result Dallas, Good choice of colour and your first photograph makes it look totally real
  10. This is next level work!!! I'm flabbergasted by the precision and your level of realism in this build!
  11. Nice job on that C9, you should post some of your work here mate, always nice to see new members with their builds
  12. @Thanh Nguyen excellent work especially considering you are a new modeler, keep it up and dont feel shy to ask any questions, the forum is small but we make up for that by having some of the best builders around on here with lots of experience and tonnes of advice
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