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  1. This is next level work!!! I'm flabbergasted by the precision and your level of realism in this build!
  2. Nice job on that C9, you should post some of your work here mate, always nice to see new members with their builds
  3. @Thanh Nguyen excellent work especially considering you are a new modeler, keep it up and dont feel shy to ask any questions, the forum is small but we make up for that by having some of the best builders around on here with lots of experience and tonnes of advice
  4. Taking shape nicely!! I like the detail work on the brake drums
  5. pictures not working here either, you know you can upload photos directly to the forums?
  6. Thanks guys! Its done pretty well in all the model comps its been entered into, I'm also working on a Tamiya Model Magazine International article for this build so stay tuned!
  7. Nice paint work to make that snake skin look!
  8. Good progress my man! Keep up the good work!
  9. Very nicely organised! I look forward to further updates
  10. The motivation for me to try my hand at 3D printing is high! Nice work Mueller!
  11. Nice work Dallas! Personally I'm not a fan of Alpha Model, all I get is lots of spam from them on Facebook which is annoying!!!
  12. Yeah you're right, when I look back on this build I shudder at the orange peel in the clearcoat. This was pretty much my first build of a kit after a looooooong hiatus of about 10 years so using 2K and an airbrush was all new to me and it was before I even began flat polishing my work. I might do another 787b, I've got the 1/43 and 1/12 versions so it will be one of them
  13. Yes your work with the 3D printer is amazing! I need to invest in one at some point in the future
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