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  1. Fantastic build! I love how clean your work is, something I aspire to achieve one day
  2. Cool little bike! Very clean build as usual @SANDRO
  3. @John18D hospital? I hope everything is ok? @Thanh Nguyen nice work my friend, you are becoming a master motorcycle builder
  4. Nice job on the front white section, it was the biggest challenge when I built mine. Also doubling the decals on the green and yellow is a great idea! Excellent save Andrew!
  5. Good work Mueller, is the front forks 3D printed? They look great!
  6. top notch work Pascal! Your modifications are excellent!! I cant wait to see this finished as its gonna be spectacular!
  7. Thanks Jon, it was so much fun to build that I would do another again, gimme a shout if you ever want to sell yours
  8. Good start mate! I will be keen to see this one progress
  9. Love all the detail work mate! I remember doing this kit as a kid and it was a great kit that went together really well
  10. Anyone who takes on the monumental task of CF of a whole car gets a win in my books! Hats off to you Dallas!!
  11. Even better! Is this kit still available?
  12. Nice paintwork mate! Where in Australia are you from?
  13. Top work!!! You're modelling skills have come along leaps and bounds! Keep up the good work!
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