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  1. imster

    1/12 Porsche 956

    Hey John, apologies for not replying sooner, moving country tends to cause lots of delays including answering questions and building things too! Yes I have seen Eric Coles superb build and watching his build motivated me to get the kit and get it started! As for the brake calipers I have simply enhanced what the kit part was. So in the kit the rears of the calipers (the sections facing inside of the brakes) have the pistons but they are very poorly represented so I decided to enhance them. Here is a photo side by side showing how the kit part looked compared to my modified version: I would assume your 962 will have a similar situation too.
  2. Nice first effort!!! I'm just entering the kids vs time phase... Wish me luck haha!
  3. imster

    Honda CB900'R'

    Excellent result! I love the modifications you have done and the cleanliness of your work man!
  4. imster

    Honda RS1000 Endurance

    Nice start! and that grid is really great especially the scale of it! most of the time when I see mesh like that its way out of scale
  5. imster

    Protar MV Augusta F4

    Goodluck with this build @Fazer1006 Protar can be challenging at times but I have confidence in you mate (especially after seeing your Norton)
  6. Nice work Angus! Once I have my workshop setup again I think the first thing on my shopping list will be a 3D printer
  7. imster

    Red Porsche Killer Revell 1/9

    What an amazing result! The paint looks great! the proportions are spot on, and the creativity is out of this world, what more could you ask for!!
  8. imster

    Intro by Fazer

    Some fantastic work @Fazer1006 Love that Norton so much!
  9. imster

    67 Corvette coupe

    I like it, these old school cars are awesome fun!
  10. imster

    Lotus 49

    Thanks fellas! I entered it into a competition here and it won its class and best overall automotive so I cant compain
  11. imster

    Honda CB900'R'

    Yep just seen it, whats next on the bench?
  12. imster

    Honda CB900'R'

    Very nice progress on this, keep it up mate!
  13. imster

    Honda RC166

    Thanks @Wayne S!!! Very good question and I'm having a hard time trying to remember how because it was so long ago but I think I used a small 1mm chisel tool, just gotta be careful not to go to hard and damage the surrounding parts I'm pretty sure I used 2mm wire which the tubing was put over Thanks my friend If you have any questions feel free to ask anytime, I shall look up that reference book too! Apologies to everyone as I was moving house and I havent been able to come back online for a while, my bench is yet to be setup so it will be some time before I'm back building anything
  14. imster

    30 model a coupe

    Nice clean build, one day I'll try one of these old school cars, seems like you can get pretty creative with them!