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  1. This one I just completed, a Studio 27 1/20 Benetton B198. I painted all the colors on using Finisher's paints and cleared over everything with U-pol.
  2. Just beautiful! One of my favorite F1 cars.
  3. Masterful build and photography! Love the design of that car.
  4. Very interested in your build, which is looking great, because this kit is on my radar. I would like to make a red 2 for it and build it as a Mansell car, am a big fan of his.
  5. Looking incredible! I had the pleasure of seeing this car at Amelia Island Concours a few years ago, one amazing machine. I'm a big fan of the bundle of snakes exhaust.
  6. Thanks, boss! Together we will prevail!
  7. I won't be displaying with the wheels off so I am detailing the kit brakes and calipers with fittings. I have filled the seam of the brake haves and cleaned up the cooling holes....just in case I do take a wheel off, I won't be embarrassed.
  8. Building the Tamiya FW14B is not as straight forward as you might think for the almighty kit company. The mold lines are quite heavy and the construction of the kit around the monocoque area leaves a lot to be desired as far as trying to build it reasonably close to the real car. Not to mention the use of screws, and missing and/or incorrect detail. With that said, I'm not going to pretend I will build it 100% accurate, I will take the usual artistic approach as an excuse to do some aspects of it as I see fit. I will be using Thunder Valley, RB Motion, Top Studio and Tuner Model Manufactory parts. To start off it's prep, prep and more prep! A lot of drilling done around the engine and trans to accept fittings. Filling all the visible pin marks is a must. Tamiya didn't make enough marks for enough fasteners as the real car has more than they indicated, so I drilled more in the engine cover and closed up the screw holes to drill to the proper size. Three hours work just in the engine cover drilling, smoothing mold lines and taking care of the pin marks inside the cover. Placing the body parts together then sanding across the joining areas is a good way to make the body parts look like they are a precision fit. The white cowl part in front of the driver has to be molded into the monocoque, the tricky part is all the suspension attachments are under there and have to be accessed. Stay tuned for my solution.
  9. I have begun this build also. I just ordered the TVF1 suspension set and am wondering if you ever got the rest of your parts? Your build looks great so far, I am using it as a guide.
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