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  1. This is the Tamiya kit with a fantasy Momo livery. I used 2 or 3 decal sheets to finish up the graphics. For the 'cf' parts I sprayed them with metallic black then flat clear to replicate dry carbon.
  2. That's a great bike kit, and a cool bike. I want to do the spoke replacement technique on this one.
  3. I figure the full detail set and the sidepod sets will be available about the time I finish my build. lol I knew that going in, but didn't want to wait any longer.
  4. Got back to my build as well. Skipping around from section to section to break monotony. Blending the body parts with putty. The monocoque assembly the way Tamiya engineered it is a puzzle that must be dealt with a different way to get closer to the way the real car was assembled.
  5. Great to see a detail build of this car. Looking great!
  6. love that livery! Excellent result!
  7. Looking excellent! One of the more involved bike kits to build.
  8. Thanks all! Finisher's paint is so awesome, it just sprays so creamy smooth. I thin it with Mr. Color thinner.
  9. Watching with interest because I have a couple of his kits. Looks awesome so far!
  10. Inspired by the Ferrari Alonso 599, I decided to make a tribute to 80's and early 90's Ferrari F1 era, the TR '27'. I started with the 1/24 Rosso 512 TR kit, which is an okay kit. I chose a red and white color scheme and tried to arrange it similar to past F1 cars. I had to use Acryl white primer to prevent the red plastic from bleeding through, it actually worked well but you have to put it on over regular primer for adhesion purposes. The red is Finishers Silk Red. The thin stripes are S27 white stripe decal. The seats are from my parts box, the aero mirrors and rear wing came in the kit, the 'Dori' version. I wanted the rims to look similar to the 80's/90's F1 cars so I found some Ferrari rims and painted the spokes with Tamiya acrylic gold. The rear rims have been widened using an aluminum trim ring. The fuel filler is made by Acu Stion, the tricolore stripes and Fiat decals are from various spare decal sheets. This is definitely for the Tifosi, I don't know if others will appreciate it.
  11. Soon, took a little break to build an artsy project. Thanks for checking!
  12. I like the color, and the build looks great!
  13. It looks so good! Inspires me to start mine.
  14. I had issues spraying Zero on one of my bike builds eating through the primer and etching the plastic. Since I have learned that my Iwata CS airbrush sprays with a really focused pattern which loads up the spray area too wet. However, my Iwata NEO TRN3 sprays a wider pattern with less force which has worked better with Zero eliminating the etching issue. It still sprays a wet pattern, just not as loaded.
  15. Looks great, good to see one of these built.
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